This small Apex Legends Update fixes a few issues with Bangalore and Mirage.


Apex Legends Update: Bangalore Prestige Skin Fix, New Legend Teaser and More

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A minor Apex Legends update fixes audio issues with Bangalore and Mirage.
Apex Legends also accidentally dropped a new teaser for Season 14 before taking it offline.

A new update for Apex Legends went live earlier for the PC, Playstation and Xbox. The update includes new bug fixes for Bangalore’s prestige skin finisher, Mirage’s emote, and fixes issues with ranked rewards. Apex Legends also dropped and quickly removed a teaser for Apex Legends Season 14 which will be called Hunted. According to the teaser and the battlepass end date, the new season of Apex Legends will go live on 9th August. While players make the most of the latest Gaiden Event which is likely to go on till the new season, let’s take a look at what changes the minor update has brought to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends update for 22nd July

Respawn Entertainment is devoting a lot more time recently to adding some much needed bug fixes to the game. According to the Apex Trello board, they have recently fixed Loba’s tactical ability bug which caused her bracelet to malfunction on multiple occasions. According to dataminer KralRindo, in the most recent update, Respawn fixed:

  • Bangalore prestige skin finisher audio.

  • Mirage battlepass ground emote.

As of now the team is working on fixing a Bangalore Mythic skin bug that blocks player view briefly when using her tactical while aiming down sight. The developer is also fixing issues with ranked rewards where players in a certain tier are not receiving the right rewards. It is also fixing an issure where players are not receiving coins after purchases.

Apex Legends gearing up for Season 14 Hunted

Apex Legends hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to preventing content from getting leaked. This time, a teaser for Season 14 went live briefly before it was hastily taken down. The brand new installment for Stories from the Outlands features Season 14 Legend Vantage. According to the in-game announcement Vantage is likely to be available in Apex Legends on 9th August.

Apex has started dropping a few crumbs about the new legend already.

According to KralRindo another small patch is likely to drop on 26th July which may include more information about the new Legend.

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