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Apex Legends Update 1.78 Patch Notes: Seer Changes Finally Arrive

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Update 1.78 was just released with bug fixes and much-needed nerfs for Seer.
Seer's ultimate cooldown has been raised by 33% and his Tactical can no longer damage or flash enemies.
The Prowler has been disabled in Arenas due to a game-crashing bug and it will be re-enabled at a later date.

Apex Legends’ update 1.78 just dropped with the much-awaited Seer changes. The game’s latest legend ‘Seer’ caused community uproar, and Respawn had to announce nerfs immediately. Apex Legends patch 1.78 was supposed to hit last week but it was delayed, nevertheless the balance changes are finally here with multiple tweaks to Seer’s kit. He will no longer be able to flash or damage enemies with his Tactical ability, and other minor balance changes have also been added to his kit to reduce his oppressive support capabilities. Here is everything that changed in today’s Apex Legends patch.

Apex Legends Update 1.78 Overview:

Seer is the only legend to receive a balance pass this patch. There will be more balance changes later in the ranked split as the developers continue to monitor the weapon and legend meta in Apex Legends Season 10.


  • Increased wait time between sensor spikes for full HP targets (1.25s to 1.75s)

  • Removed center circle ellipses

  • Reduced range beyond 75m (blue spikes)

  • Reduced field of view

Players will no longer be able to spam the Seer's passive and get information on enemy locations. You will now have to wait almost two seconds before you know where your enemies are. The field of view penalty when using his passive has also been reduced, which will require players to move around more to scout out enemies.


  • Increased detonation delay from 1.4s to 1.6s

  • Players hit are no longer damaged or flashed. Screen shake from being hit is also reduced

  • Move slow added while holding tactical

  • Lowered volume on audio

  • Fixed tactical FX being visible in firing range when it’s not supposed to be

The detonation delay for Seer’s Tactical has been increased, which allows players more time to get out of range and not be hit by his micro drones. He will no longer be able to damage or flash enemies which left a lot of players frustrated. However, he will still be able to cancel the use of health packs and stop revives, which players will need to play around.


  • Increased cooldown from 90s to 120s

  • Lowered volume on audio

Seer’s ultimate now has a 33% cooldown increase, which puts him on par with most other legends with support ultimates. His earlier ultimate cooldown of 90 seconds was too low compared to the likes of other recon including Crypto, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, and Pathfinder.

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