Players may not have a new legend to unlock when Apex Legends Season 16 drops on 14th February but the next legend is mostly called Ballistic


Apex Legends Season 16 Leaks: New Legend Details, Reworks & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Apex Legends players may not have a new legend to unlock when Season 16 drops.
However, according to leaks, Respawn Entertainment is reportedly considering a class system overhaul in-game.

Apex Legends players are already curious about what the game is going to offer them in Season 16. Every season, Apex Legends introduces an array of new things to explore in-game, including limited-time modes (LTMs), cosmetics, and a new legend alongside character adjustments. However, leaks have suggested that Apex Legends Season 16 might be the first season in the game’s history to not have a new legend release. This has been talked about in the community for quite a while now and players should likely expect to get a new legend directly in Season 17. Apex Legends YouTuber and leaker Thordan Smash talked about this recently on Reddit.

No New Legend in Season 16 of Apex Legends

On Reddit, one user talked about a potential banner tease for the upcoming legend on 8th December, Thordan Smash commented, “I genuinely think Respawn won't have a new legend for season 16. Let's see.” Notably, Thordan has mentioned in the past that his leaks come from reliable sources and Electronic Arts or Respawn Entertainment insiders. However, there have been discussions about the next character to join the Apex Legends lineup and leaks have suggested that the new legend is named Ballistic, the Apex Arms Dealer.

Who is Ballistic in Apex Legends?

On 9th December, Thordan Smash tweeted, “Imagine if Apex Legends had a tactical that fires a bullet that if lands make the enemy put away their weapon. An ability of that Caliber would make people go Ballistic.” Concurring, a video published by PWN Hub that sourced its information from leaker NightTerras, Ballistic’s abilities are related to weapons and weapon utility.

His ability names are as follows:

  • Passive: Weapon Sling

  • Tactical: Smart Bullet

  • Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer

What are the other changes in Apex Legends Season 16?

Yet again Thordan Smash talked about new classes coming in Apex Legends Season 16 and he also shared his excitement for Pathfinder’s alleged rework in-game. He said, “The new classes in Apex Legends have another leaker putting out info about them…and I’m all for it. Pathfinder finally getting a solid rework baby.” He shared a list of changes coming to Apex Legends in Season 16 and it looks like he has omitted the actual leaker’s name from the photo.

The photo contained potential leaks which claim that Respawn is planning to overhaul the game’s class system and break away from the four classes of Attack, Defense, Support, and Recon. The developers are allegedly planning to add two other classes – Assualt and Skirmisher. According to the source quoted by Thordan, defense legends will reportedly be classified as “Control” legends.

The leak also claimed that Pathfinder and “possibly even Mirage” could receive reworks in Apex Legends Season 16.

Final note. Remember this is all text we've seen, we don't know how any of this will play so keep OP or Underpowered comments/nagging in check. Rampart was the funniest outrage when she was leaked and revealed to the main sub,” noted the leak.

Smash added, “It also makes sense that LAN is February 2nd now in London, no class changes until February 14th on season 16 so pros aren't impacted until the next split.

When is Apex Legends Season 16 releasing?

The release date of Apex Legends Season 16 is most likely scheduled for 14th February 2023. This is calculated according to the current Battle Pass, which began on 1st November. It expires only 105 days later and this corresponds to 14th February.

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