The new season of Apex Legends will go live in the first week of August.


Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Early Updates and Trailer Release

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Respawn dropped the official Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence trailer an hour ago.
The trailer shows off the new Legend Seer and the Rampage SMG.
Ranked Arenas will also debut this season.

Apex Legends Season 10 will go live on August 3, 2021 and add a new Legend called Seer. The update will also include an changes to World’s Edge and introduce Ranked Arenas. Respawn Entertainment also dropped the trailer of Season 10: Emergence and showed off more of the new Legend as well as the Rampage LMG. They also previewed the Legacy rewards up for grabs at the end of Season 9: Legacy. While the official patch notes are still to come, Respawn has released details about what is to come in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence.

New Legend: Seer

Seer is a recon legend, similar to Bloodhound and Cypher in that he sends out micro-drones to scout and track enemies.

World’s Edge Map Changes

Three major areas on World’s Edge namely Train Yard, Refinery, and Sorting Factory will be receiving changes.

Train Yard is being replaced with Landslide featuring destroyed train cars.

Landslide is a new POI replacing Train Yard.

Refinery is being replaced with Climatizer, a new point of interest.

The fizzure on Refinery has been expanded.

Sorting Factory has been replaced with Lava Siphon.

Players can use Gondola carts to travel across areas on the map in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence.

Gondola carts are coming to the game as another way to travel across the map.

Players will get badges depending on the highest rank they reached in Season 9. Dive trails will also be awarded to those players who reach Diamond-ranked and above.

Ranked Climb In Apex Legends Ranked Arena Season 10

Players start their ranked journey playing 10 placement matches and then get assigned a rank. Arena Points are awarded based on rounds won. The bonus AP you get for wins will start dropping as your rank gets closer to your MMR. There is no demotion protection in Ranked Arenas but players will still get rewards after the season ends based on their highest tier reached.

Other features of the Ranked Arena system are:

  • Players will get rewards at the end of the season and their rank will be reset before the next season.

  • As of now Respawn will not be including splits for Ranked Arena as of now, but they haven’t ruled it out.

  • Players that abandon a ranked match will get a temporary matchmaking ban and unable queue for Ranked Arenas until the ban lifts.

  • If your teammate abandons the match, you receive loss forgiveness for that match.

Map Rotation in Ranked Arenas

The Emergence update has added new BR locations that will replace the ones the previous season.

  • King’s Canyon - Hillside

  • World’s Edge - Dome

  • Olympus - Oasis

The towers in Oasis will be replaced in Season 10: Emergence.

Maps in Ranked Arenas will change once an hour, while unranked Arenas will continue to rotate every 15 minutes.

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