Respawn is looking into reports of crashes after using crafting material bins.


Apex Legends Players Report Crashes After Using Crafting Material Bins

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Players have been encountering a bug when trying to access crafting material bins across different maps on Apex Legends.
This is causing the game to crash.
Respawn is currently looking into the issue.

Apex Legends is about to go into a new season on 9th August. Ahead of Season 14, players are facing yet another game crashing bug, similar to the Bangalore bug in July this year. Now Apex players are reporting crashes after using crafting material bins located around different maps. These crafting material bins house the material used in replicators that are located at various points of interest or dropped during the later stages of the match.

Respawn is currently looking into the crashes caused after using Crafting Material bins

Several players reported their games crashing after trying to use the Crafting Material bins on both Reddit and Twitter.

Some players are reportedly facing time penalties due to the crafting material bug. It is unclear if Respawn will reset the resulting penalties as of now.

The Respawn team is currently aware of the issue and working on a fix. The team updated their Trello board and the issue is currently under investigation and will likely be resolved soon. Similar issues have existed in the past with the game previously crashing when players used Bangalore’s ultimate. There was also a long-time bug with animated banners and more recently with Loba’s bracelet.

While all of these bugs have been fixed, some players aren’t happy with the number of bugs they encounter with the game. In just Season 13 itself, players have faced a number of bugs including Wraith being immune to damage in some situations, Replicators preventing players from using their items and abilities, Bangalore's Ultimate, etc.

If you experience the issue yourself, you should report the exploiters or submit gameplay footage which could help the Respawn developers address the issue as quickly as possible. Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted will go live on 9th August and hopefully provide a smoother gameplay experience.

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