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Crazy Apex Legends Bug Allows Bangalore Players to Crash Lobbies

Abhimannu Das
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A new bug has been discovered that allows players to crash Apex Legends lobbies using Bangalore’s ultimate.
Players are able to spam Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder in a single spot and crash lobbies whenever they want.
Respawn is yet to acknowledge the issue as it has just been discovered by some players.

Some players in Apex Legends have found a way to crash lobbies with Bangalore. A new glitch has been doing the rounds that allows Bangalore players to use their ultimate ability on a single spot repeatedly and it forces the lobby to shut down. Former TSM coach Martin "gdolphn" Skrydstrup was one of the players affected by the glitch and he shared his experience on Twitter.

Respawn is yet to respond to the new exploit

The bug was just discovered and it might take a while until Respawn Entertainment is able to fix the issue. A new patch dropped last night that addressed some game-breaking bugs that were first detected at the start of Season 13. It is unknown how long the exploiters will be able to get away with this new glitch.

One of the most frustrating things about the exploit is that players who are near Bangalore’s ultimate ability can crash and end up with abandon penalties. In some cases, the entire lobby crashes which takes away some hard-earned ranked points (RP).

The reason why players are using the exploit is to save ranked points in some cases. These are exploits that have been seen in the past which involved crashing servers when cheaters run into unwinnable situations. Players exploiting bugs like this have also been able to crash nearby players and get free kills on them, leading to a great deal of frustration.

Similar issues have existed in the past and Respawn was able to address them, but it looks like players have found a new way to crash lobbies. If you experience the issue yourself, you should report the exploiters or submit gameplay footage which could help Respawn developers address the issue as quickly as possible.

Season 13 of Apex Legends has been riddled with issues like Loba’s bracelet not working, Wraith being immune to damage in some situations, and Replicators preventing players from using their items and abilities. These issues were fixed recently and we now have yet another game-breaking bug that needs to be addressed before it sees widespread abuse.

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