All We Know about New Legends Uplink and Caliber in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends: All We Know About New Legends Uplink and Caliber

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In March 2022, nine new upcoming Legends were leaked in a Reddit post.
We look at two of these legends, namely Uplink and Caliber.

Earlier in March this year, a Reddit post on the Apex Legends official subreddit leaked information about nine upcoming legends currently in development. These included the now released Newcastle, Vantage and Catalyst as well as others like Uplink, Scryer and Caliber. So far, Vantage has been quite faithful to the leaks while a few of Catalyst’s abilities (especially her Tactical) have been changed. Let’s look at all the information we currently have on upcoming Legends Uplink and Caliber. 

Upcoming Apex Legends Uplink and Caliber

According to the leaks, Caliber is an arms dealer in the Titanfall universe. They were first thought to be a support character but newer leaks point to Caliber being an assault legend. Here is Caliber’s kit according to the most recent leaks. Note that these abilities are subject to change. 

Passive: Weapon Sling – A sling that lets you store an extra, third weapon.

Tactical: Suppressor Turret – Deploys a makeshift turret with a copy of your active weapon.

Ultimate: Auto Loader – Deploys a box that feeds ammo directly into nearby players’ current weapons.

Upcoming Apex Legend Uplink may have been scrapped according to recent leaks. 

When it comes to Uplink, older leaks suggest that their abilities are as follows: 

Passive: Network Communion - Players gain 25% of Recovery Effects used in Signal Range. 

Tactical: Shield Satellite - Releases a Satellite that allows teammates to regenerate their shields and revive them.

Ultimate: Immortality Relay Beacon - Deploys a Satellite Beacon that prevents allies in the Signal Range from being downed.

As of now it isn’t clear what the passive will do but it seems like Uplink will get 25% of health and shield regeneration used by teammates if they are close enough. However, according to YouTuber Thordan Smash, Uplink may have been scrapped

The developer is yet to confirm a release date for the upcoming Legends. However, in May this year, Respawn senior character designer Devan McGuire told Dexerto they would slow down the release of newer legends since it is becoming harder to make them “unique, without being overpowered, or too niche”. Fans have been calling on the developers to look into more pressing issues like gameplay bugs, audio issues and hackers. There also hasn’t been a new weapon release since the C.A.R. SMG in Season 11.

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