Anaadi Army Valorant Team Rebrands To Aster Army


Anaadi Army Rebrands to Aster Army Ahead of VCL South Asia: "We aim to shine bright"

Ready to take on the best teams from the region!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Anaadi Army has undergone an overhaul and rebranded to Aster Army.
The organization has also parted ways with two of its benched players, ayaNq and tryst. Their contracts officially come to an end on 31st March.
Aster Army will be seen in action at the upcoming Valorant Challengers League 2023: South Asia.

Indian esports organization, Anaadi Army, champion of the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) 2023: South Asia - Open Qualifier, has undergone a massive overhaul by rebranding to Aster Army.

The official announcement was made yesterday on 14th March. The tag line of Aster Army reads "The stars don't look bigger, but they do shine brighter", pointing towards their considerably under-experienced lineup stepping onto the big stage.

U2opia Mobile, parent company of Aster Army, a Singapore-India based innovator in mobile technology and applications, expressed that "We are thrilled to announce this strategic move and share it with our fans and the gaming community."

In an exclusive statement to AFK Gaming, Lakshya "Vandelak" Singh - Valorant Coach of Aster Army, said that "We are excited for the change and look forward to what's come, the change we believe is a positive approach. It also, represents us, we might just be starting but we aim to shine bright."

Anaadi Army undergoes an overhaul and rebrands to Aster Army

Just before the VCL 2023: South Asia, Anaadi Army has rebranded to Aster Army, keeping its core lineup intact while bidding farewell to two inactive players, Ayan "ayaNq" Bhattacharya and Jit "tryst" Dutta.

Both players are still under contract with Aster Army Till 31st March 2023, which means that both of them will become free agents next month.

Vandelak further said that both players have been allowed to look for other teams and scout new opportunities in Valorant. In hopes of finding a new home, the players have announced their respective LFTs (Looking For Team) publicly.

With this, Anaadi Army transforms to Aster Army, complete with a new logo and even a hashtag '#AsterRising', signaling the start of a new journey and more than ready to compete in the upcoming VCL South Asia against some of the best Valorant teams from the region.

The team's grand final match against Medal Esports in the open qualifier was a last-map thriller that thoroughly entertained the audience and set a benchmark for the upcoming league.

"By winning the open qualifiers we have proved ourselves to be the rising stars. As the team continues to grow and evolve, we are confident that the name #AsterArmy, will reflect our vision and passion for esports. This change represents an opportunity for us to strengthen our brand, expand our reach and build deeper connections with our fans and supporters in #India and across shores," said Aster Army via a TwitLonger post.

The organization shared that they are grateful for the unwavering support of their fans and the gaming community, and are excited to embark on this new journey as 'Aster Army'.

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