Anaadi Army Qualifies For The VCL 2023 South Asia


Anaadi Army Defeats Medal Esports to Qualify for VCL 2023 South Asia

The open qualifier has finally concluded.

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The open qualifier of Valorant Challengers League South Asia has concluded after four days of intense action.
Anaadi Army mounted a fighting comeback against Medal Esports to defeat them in a marathon of a best-of-five grand final series.
With a '3-2' victory in the grand final, Anaadi Army has successfully qualified for the VCL 2023 South Asia.

The open qualifier for Valorant Challengers League: South Asia which started on 26th February has concluded after four days of intense action. A total of 137 teams from across South Asia had registered but in the end it was Anaadi Army who made it to the main event.

It was not an easy task for the mixed roster of Anaadi Army to defeat the experienced Medal Esports in the grand final of the open qualifier. The best-of-five series went down to the wire, witnessing everything from multiple overtime thrillers, absolute domination on certain maps, and a fantastic comeback.

Anaadi Army showed its fighting spirit with this '3-2' victory and will now be moving on to the main stage where it will compete against some of the best teams that the region has to offer.

Valorant Challenger League South Asia: Anaadi Army fights hard to make a successful comeback against Medal Esports

A total of 137 teams had registered for the open qualifier of the biggest Valorant league that the South Asian region has to offer. Over the course of four days, all the participants fought hard, reducing in numbers to give us the top eight that comprised of the playoffs bracket.

  1. TOP Esports

  2. Medal Esports

  3. OR5


  5. Fun Squad

  6. Anaadi Army

  7. Goblin Attackers

  8. MLT Esports

Medal Esports defeated TOP Esports and OR5 to reach the grand final without dropping a single map. They looked solid as a team and did not face a really hard time against any of their opponents so far.

As for Anaadi Army, the road to the grand final was not that easy. It lost the first map against Fun Squad before mounting a comeback to proceed into the semifinals. Here they faced MLT Esports who gave them a tough challenge, forcing double overtime on the second map which they failed to convert into a victory, allowing Anaadi to fight for the qualifying slot.

The grand final as expected was a long drag, Anaadi Army showing its fighting spirit once again and not giving anything away to Medal Esports too easily.

  1. Fracture | 13-5 | Medal Esports

  2. Haven | 13-4 | Anaadi Army

  3. Icebox | 19-17 | Medal Esports

  4. Ascent | 13-11 | Anaadi Army

  5. Split | 13-4 | Anaadi Army

They exchanged blows on the firs two maps, Medal wining on Fracture and Anaadi securing Haven, but the crucial third map is where both teams decided to switch gears and take it up a notch. It was Medal who got the upperhand on Icebox, now playing with a map advantage.

Fighting from behind, Anaadi made a close comeback on Ascent to level the overall scoreline and then proceeded to punch hard on the last and final map, Split.

The overall top performer in the grand final was Soumyadeep "DOXZ3R" Dey who played only Killjoy across all five maps, accumulating an ACS (Average Combat Score) of 245 along with a K/D/A of 98/70/14.

  • Top Fragger | Prish "tricky" Valvani | 105 Kills

  • Maximum Assists | Rushikesh "DominiK" Khedkar | 60 Assists

  • Maximum Deaths | Emmanuel "jEEE" Buenavidez | 86 Deaths

  • Maximum ACS | Sami "SSSami" Rahman | 246

  • Highest Rated Player | Soumyadeep "DOXZ3R" Dey

  • Lowest Rated Player | Tanmay "FOX" Verma

With this win, the marathon series concluded and Anaadi walked away as the champions of the open qualifiers, reserving a slot for themselves in the Valorant Challengers League South Asia which features a total prize pool of over 1.1 crores and a chance to qualify for the VCT Asia Pacific Asencion 2023.

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