SkRossi To Play In VCT LOCKIN Valorant Showmatch


SkRossi to Play in VCT LOCK//IN Valorant Showmatch Against Team Tarik

Oh, how the stars have aligned.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Riot Games has revealed some information about the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch.
The new Valorant agent will be revealed for the first time during the Showmatch and will be played by the captains of Team FRTTT and Team Tarik.
SkRossi from Global Esports and Mimi from G2 Gozen have been revealed as the first two players who will be playing in the Showmatch.

The star Valorant player from India, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar, has been announced as one of the first players who will feature in the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch scheduled to take place on 4th March.

He will be a part of Team FRTTT which is being captained by Leonardo “frttt” Braz, who is a Brazilian content creator for Team Liquid with more than 434,000 followers on Twitch.

Earlier, Rushindra Sinha - Founder and CEO of Global Esports, had teased that for "unknown reasons" SkRossi would be staying back in Brazil while the rest of the team would be returning home.

Soon after, he was featured as part of the broadcast panel sharing the desk with Yinsu "Yinsu" Collins, Brennon "Bren" Hook, and Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson. Many thought this was the reason behind SkRossi extending his stay, but to the delight and expectations of many he will be a part of the VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch.

SkRossi to compete in the VCT LOCKIN Showmatch

Indian Valorant star SkRossi to feature in the VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch

Riot Games has announced information about the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch which will be played right before the Grand Finals on 4th March at 22:30 IST. It will feature two teams, Team FRTTT and Team Tarik, who will take on each other in a do-or-die single-match showdown.

Even the new Agent which has been teased a few times will be revealed during this showmatch. The captains of the two all-star teams, frttt and Tarik "tarik" Celik, will get an opportunity to play with it for the very first time.

The organizers have stated that the showmatch will comprise of "some unexpected faces" with the two squads consisting of "some of your favorite content creators and professional VCT players."

Apart from the captains, two of the remaining four players have been revealed for both teams, SkRossi from Global Esports for Team FRTTT and Michaela "mimi" Lintrup from G2 Gozen for Team Tarik.

More members of the two teams will be revealed by Riot Games before the VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch. In addition to this, viewers who tune in for both the Showmatch and the Grand Finals will be rewarded with an exclusive in-game Dad Hat Gun Buddy drop for simply watching the game.

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