While Riot Games is yet to officially reveal Milio kit in League of Legends, it was reportedly leaked early through a Chinese media-sharing website.


All You Need to Know About the Leaked Milio Kit in League of Legends

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Milio's abilities were reportedly leaked through a Chinese media-sharing website.
Here's a rundown of the leaked Milio kit.

On 4th March, Riot Games introduced League of Legends players to the latest champion addition to the game, Milio, the Gentle Flame, who is a support character. The company released a collection of letters and a short biography of Milio, a 12-year-old boy from Ixtal who uses the fire axiom. While Riot Games is yet to officially reveal Milio kit in League of Legends, it was reportedly leaked early through a Chinese media-sharing website. Youtuber and leaker Big Bad Bear shared the possible Milio Kit on their YouTube channel.

Here’s everything we know about the leaked Milio kit.

Leaked Milio Kit: Possible abilities explained

All the abilities mentioned below are based on the video posted by Big Bad Bear that threw light on the possible Milio kit. Notably, none of the ability names are known at the time of writing.

Q: Milio’s Q ability is a crowd control spell where Milio launches his fire friend aka the fuemigo forward. When the fuemigo hits an enemy, it creates a small area of effect that stuns enemies caught in the center and slows enemies on the edge of the circle or nearby. It looks like a smaller version of Leona’s ultimate (Solar Flare).

W: One of the most unique abilities in the leaked Milio kit is his W ability. When cast, Milio’s W creates a field on the ground and allies standing in it gain movement speed, attack speed, and bonus attack range. From the leaked video, it looks like this field will follow Milio’s teammates around just like the Viktor ultimate spell. 

E: Milio’s E ability is simple and straightforward. With his E, Milio can shield allies or himself. 

R: From the looks of it, Milio’s ultimate is a counter-engage area-of-effect (AOE) ability. When the ability is used, Milio instantly cleanses and heals all allies in a large AOE range around him. It seems to work like Quick Silver Sash and will cleanse debuffs including Skarner and Urgot ultimates.

At the time of writing, this is all we know about the leaked Milio kit. At first glance, Milio seems to be a great support to play alongside. However, players need to be aware that these abilities are only leaks and the actual Milio kit could be completely different. With Riot Games already starting to reveal details about Milio one after the other, we can soon see the official ability kit in the coming days.

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