All Lotus Map Changes In Valorant Episode 8


All Lotus Map Changes in Valorant Episode 8

Incoming, new plays and counterplays.

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Valorant has officially revealed all changes that will be made to Lotus along with the release of Episode 8.
All three sites have been tweaked in some way or the other and it will surely make for some interesting gameplay.
Along with Lotus, even Icebox will undergo some changes that have not been revealed by the developers till now.

The first big update of 2024 for Valorant is right around the corner with Patch 8.0 scheduled to go live early next week. It will introduce the community to Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 which is packed with some new exciting stuff.

A new weapon called Outlaw, which is another type of scoped sniper rifle, will be making its way to the game. Along with this, two maps that are a part of the upcoming rotation, Lotus and Icebox, will also undergo some changes.

Here are all the tweaks that will be made to all three sites of Lotus.

All Map Changes Coming to Lotus With Valorant Episode 8

Valorant has officially released all the changes that are being made to Lotus along with Episode 8 Act 1. It will be the only three-site map in the upcoming rotation with Haven being replaced by Icebox, making it all the more important to balance the map for both attackers and defenders.

As per the announcement, all three sites have been tweaked in some way or form which is sure to introduce new strategies from both sides during play.

Valorant Episode 8: All Lotus Changes

All three sites will be tweaked on Lotus to make things a bit more interesting for the players.

A-Site Changes

The area around A Link has been changed quite a bit, offering the defending side a few more places to hold.

  • Outside space around the breakable wall now offers some boxes for cover and elevation. Due to this, the walls are not angled anymore and offer more dept for players to move around.

Lotus Map Change A-Site (Outside Breakable Wall)
  • Inside space around the breakable wall now has an added area so that defenders can hide on either side of it. This will make it more challenging for the attacking side to clear the small yet strategic space.

Lotus Map Change A-Site (Inside Breakable Wall)
  • Main A-Site has had one significant change where the middle structure with a passthrough space has been closed down and this will make for some engaging strategies.

Lotus Map Change A-Site (Main)

B-Site Changes

The main B-Site area has had a two small changes which can have a big impact.

  • A nook has been added right at the B-Site entry which replaces the plain passageway. This will make for an engaging crossfire while making it a bit more tough for attackers to enter the site.

  • Even the site planting area has been reduced, not reaching the corner with the stacked boxes any longer, which was one of the more preferred areas to plant the spike.

Lotus Map Change B-Site (Main)

C-Site Changes

The main C-Site has been changed quite a bit and it could have the most drastic impact among all the noted changes.

  • The half-broken pillar for some reason has been extended in length upwards while still remaining broken.

  • The planting area has been completely shifted from the right side (towards the defender spawn) of the map to the left side (towards the attacker spawn).

  • The double-stacked box, one on top of the other, towards the defender spawn has been replaced by two step-boxes tucked into a corner.

Lotus Map Change C-Site (Top View)
  • The single box towards the attacker spawn has been replaced by two side-by-side, double-stacked boxes, creating a huge obstacle to close down the rather open pathway.

  • The attacker side entry which used to be straightforward now has depth added towards the left side with some boxes, making it slightly more challenging.

Lotus Map Change C-Site (Attacker Side View)

These are all the changed that will be introduced to Lotus once Valorant Episode 8 goes live on 8th January 2024, Monday.

As usual, the changes have received a mixed reaction by community members and it is too early to say whether these will work out for the better or worse.

One thing that can be said is that changes of various degrees have been applied across the map and it will surely make for an interesting watch as teams build strategies while trying to figure out how to play Lotus 2.0.

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