Will Arcane Sheriff Skin Be Available In Valorant In 2024?


Will Arcane Sheriff Skin be Available in Valorant in 2024?

A weapon that is simply class apart.

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The Arcane Sheriff was released more than two year aga as part of the Arcane Collector's Set in November 2021.
It was released in celebration of the popular animated series Arcane's release and is one of the most exclusive skins in Valorant.
Here is everything you need to know about the Arcane Sheriff and if Valorant will make it available in 2024.

The sheriff is a one-tap machine in Valorant and it is lethal in the hands of a skilled Valorant player with a steady aim and good reflexes. There are a lot of skins that enhance the look of this weapon and one of the most sought-after is the Arcane Sheriff.

This particular item is among the rarest of commodities in the game that was released as part of the Arcane Collector's Set on 5th November 2021, in celebration of the popular animated series Arcane.

Many limited edition items were released for Valorant back then as part of the Riot X Arcane celebration. Now, more than two years later some players still wonder if it is possible to get their hands on the Arcane Sheriff in 2024.

Well, read on to find out this weapon skin's current status and other details related to its availability.

Can You Still Get the Valorant Skin Arcane Sheriff in 2024?

In 2021, Riot Games celebrated the release of Arcane in Valorant. They had announced an in-game event called 'Riot X Arcane Pass' along with a cosmetic bundle called 'Arcane Collector's Set' and a few other collectibles.

The Arcane Sheriff was part of this collector's bundle which also featured a few other extra items.

  1. Arcane Sheriff

  2. "Tag! You're Dead!" Spray

  3. "Monkey Business" Gun Buddy

  4. "Arcane Mysteries" Player Car

  5. "Jinx" Title

Can You Still Get The Arcane Sheriff In Valorant

This Arcane Collector's Set was released for all players in the Valorant shop for 2380 VP (Valorant Points) and was available for purchase from 5th to 22nd November 2021.

At that point in time it was mentioned by Valorant that all items that are a part of this bundle, including the Arcane Sheriff, would never return to the Valorant Store or Night Market.

Based on this information, it is evident that the Arcane Sheriff is no longer available in Valorant and is likely not to make a return in 2024. This makes it a very exclusive and limited edition sheriff skin, probably one of the rarest in the game.

Players can still catch a glimpse of the Arcane Sheriff under the Collection tab as a locked weapon skin. Unfortunately, no purchase option will be available.

No need to feel bad though, if you like this skin so much, you can always add someone with it as your friend and ask them for a drop every round, unless your team starts flaming you for missing all the shots.

However, do not let get all gloomy because the second season of the League of Legends star show, Arcane, is all set to feature on Netflix in November 2024.

This could mean that Riot Games might have something special planned to celebrate this occasion as well. It could be in the form of a returning skin or maybe even a potential new collection based on the theme of the upcoming installment.

In case something like this happens, make sure to grab it because the developers are going to make it a limited-time purchase and you do not want to feel miserable like this again, right?

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