All Gekko Changes In Valorant Patch 6.05


All Gekko Changes in Valorant Patch 6.05: Ability Update, Bug Fixes, More

Wingman supremacy continues!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valorant's Patch 6.05 was released on 14th March with a lot of bug fixes for Gekko and his abilities.
A few changes were also made to Gekko and his abilities, especially Wingman which got a tiny buff.
Apart from this, there were a lot of bug fixes related to the social aspects of the game along with overall performance and gameplay improvements.

The latest Valorant agent, Gekko, was released a week back on 7th March, creating a lot of buzz amidst the community, mostly because of his 'Wingman' ability that can plant or defuse the spike on behalf of the player.

As is the case with most new agents, it is absurdly strong and with more players opting to use it as their preferred initiator, and with that the bugs started to surface, lots of them.

However, the ever-vigilant developers at Valorant have taken care of them in the latest Patch 6.05 which was released on 14th March. Here are all the changes related to Gekko and his abilities that rolled out with this update along with all the bug fixes related to the agent.

Valorant Patch 6.05 - All the changes related to the new agent Gekko

There is a reason why this agent is being picked as the preferred initiator by most casual players. His current arsenal is too good and honestly quite overpowered, especially the bit where the agent can simply regenerate his abilities after using them once, including his ultimate!

Well, here are the complete list of changes to Gekko's abilities that rolled out along with Patch 6.05.

  1. Wingman's ability to accurately plant and defuse the spike have been improved, especially when targeting higher locations.

  2. Audio variations have been added for the Mosh Pit explosions.

  3. Audio has been improved for Dizzy which will help players identify if the ability is approaching them or their teammates while in air.

  4. VFX (visual effect) has been added to signify when Gekko is reclaiming an orb (used ability) and when the process has completed.

  5. Visuals for the used ability orbs by the enemy Gekko have also been improved.

  6. Peformance during the agent select phase has been improved.

Valorant Patch 6.05: Wingman plant and defuse targetting improvement

Apart from these changes a whole bunch of bugs related to Gekko and his abilities were also fixed.

  1. Fixed a bug where Wingman was not taking melee damage.

  2. Fixed a bug where Wingman’s torso would not trigger Cypher’s Trapwire (C).

  3. Fixed a bug where damage from Mosh Pit was avoidable while crouch jumping in the pit.

  4. Fixed a bug where Gekko was not able to plant in Spike Rush if Wingman was stopped from planting.

  5. Fixed a bug where the wrong animation played while casting Wingman.

  6. Fixed a bug where ally Gekko's orbs were showing up as white outside of custom Replication.

  7. Fixed UI (user interface) on Gekko’s ultimate staying on screen if the round ended while you were possessing Thrash.

  8. Fixed a bug where Wingman was not able to defuse the Spike after using Swap Team command in a Custom game.

  9. Fixed a bug where Wingman plant casting allowed him to run too far of a distance if launched in midair.

  10. Fixed multiple animation issues across all abilities.

  11. Fixed display name of 'Mosh Pit' showing up as 'Mosh’s Pit'.

Apart from Gekko related changes, this patch also had some performance updates, fixed things related to the overall gameplay, and a whole lot of bugs related to its social system.

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