10 Insane Gekko Wingman Ability Mechanics and Interactions in Valorant

It is safe to say that the new agent is quite broken right now.

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Gekko's Wingman Mechanics And Interactions In Valorant


Gekko is the latest Valorant agent that was released along with Episode 6 Act II.
Gekko has four creatures that are also his abilities, one of them is called Wingman which has some of the most interesting mechanics and interactions in the game.
Here are some of the most insane mechanics and interactions of Gekko's Wingman ability in Valorant.

The Episode 6 Act II of Valorant was released a few days back bringing with it the 22nd agent of the game, Gekko. The new agent is an initiator with a crew of four interesting creatures called Dizzy, Wingman, Mosh, and Thrash.

These are not only Gekko's friends but also double up as his abilities, providing him with a varied arsenal that allows him to open the attack for his side by collecting information and also give support in certain situations.

As is the case with most agents, Gekko is quite an overpowered agent right now and it will take around four to six months for the developers to balance him properly. Until then, players are grabbing this opportunity to have fun with the agent, especially when it comes to planting and defusing the spike using Wingman.

Here is a list of some unique interactions and mechanics related to Gekko's abilities that are definitely interesting but might change in the future.

Epic mechanics and interactions with Gekko's Wingman ability

Wingman is one of the four creatures that roams around with Gekko, it is the agent's 'Q' ability and after being used it turns into an orb that can be recollected and used again after a short cooldown.

Here is a list of some interesting mechanics and interactions associated with the Wingman ability that will definitely make you want to play with the agent.

1. These creatures cannot be juked

The cute owl-type creature has definitely more uses then meets the eye. It can differentiate between a real hero and its clone, this means that it does not get attracted towards a clone and will not concuss it.

If a real Yoru is standing beside its clone and the Wingman ability is used, the creature will automatically run toward the real agent and ignore its fake lookalike.

The same mechanics extends to Dizzy, if the flash is tossed it will blind the real Yoru but the clone will remain unaffected.

2. Entry, no matter what

Not even a fully stacked site with all the Cypher traps can stop Wingman when it is on a mission to plant/defuse a spike or clear some angles. It will simply run through the Trip Wire, getting detected and slowing down for a bit, before it breaks free and goes about doing its business.

3. Stealing the thunder from Breach's ultimate

Once again Wingman stays undefeated as Breach's ultimate ability Rolling Thunder is only partially effective against a spike plant or defuse by the creature.

If Wingman starts to plant or defuse and after that Breach hits it with the Rolling Thunder, the creature would be interrupted. However, if it is on the way to plant/defuse the spike and gets hit by the ultimate, it will simply continue ahead and get the job done.

4. Fade? More like fade away and a swoosh

Yes, it is what you think it is. The Seize ability by Fade cannot hold back the Wingman once it runs for the touchdown (plant/defuse) with the spike held high above his head.

It just runs through unfazed and it just goes on to show once again how powerful the little guy is, bottomline being that size does not matter!

5. A little extra push for the Wingman

Wingman is deployed similarly to Raze's Boom Bot ability. It is released in a straight path and from there on it either keeps going ahead or bounces off obstructions to get deflected toward an intended position.

Unforunately, Raze cannot give this creature a jump or extra push using her Satchel ability. However, Brimstone's Stim Beacon does provide a burst of movement speed to the little guy, hurrying him ahead on his path to detect enemy players or plant/defuse the spike.

The same mechanics extend to Thrash, if the ultimate runs through the Stim Beacon it results in an increased movement speed for the creature, helping it reach the enemy positions a lot quicker.

6. Enemy Sova >>> Friendly Sova

Sova from the same team cannot attach its Recon Bolt to the Wingman by firing it on top of the creature, it simply gets deflected upon making contact with it. However, if the enemy Sova hits it with the same ability, the arrow gets stuck onto the Wingman.

While this is useless in most cases it still speaks volumes about the little dude's character - "Keep your friends close and enemies closer".

7. Killjoy's gadgets got nothing on Wingman

The mechanical gadets of Killjoy do not seem to be effective against Wingman, maybe it is some type of mechanical failure or do they simply not treat it as a big enough threat?!

Both Turret and Lockdown are ineffective against Wingman, the former does not respond to its presence nor does it fire towards it, while the latter does not disarm the creature so it goes about planting/defusing the spike.

8. Strange beef with Sage

Wingman has some strange and intriguing interactions with Sage's Barrier Orb, which is her ability to generate a wall.

  1. If the wall has already been placed and Wingman is sent towards it, the creature will simply bounce against it and continue ahead on its path after getting deflected.

  2. However, if Gekko manages to send the Wingman to Defuse/Plant the spike after or before the wall is placed, in both instances it will simply break through Sage's wall and get the job done.

  3. Sage can still interrupt a plant or defuse by Wingman with her wall, by using her ability right on top of the creature after it initiates the action.

  4. Sage can hide all the creature orbs by simply placing her wall on top of them. This makes them inaccessible to be retrieved by Gekko unless the wall is not broken.

9. You want to hide in the smoke?

Wingman is a hide and seek enthusiast, so simply hiding inside a smoke is not enough. If the ability has been used by Gekko to seek out enemy players, they will be detected through a smoke without the creature even entering the visual barrier.

10. Got some elegance in his twirls

If the Wingman has started planting then Astra's Gravity Well does not disrupt the little guy from doing his thing, but does change his position. However, if the ability pulls him out of the site completely then it does stop the plant from taking place.

Also when it comes to defusing the spike, the Gravity Well is very effective and easily disrupts the action from going through.

In case you guys want a visual representation of everything that has been explained, feel free to check out the video above which showcases all these Wingman interactions and mechanics along with a few extra things that might come in handy.

Now, you guys have an idea of how overpowered Gekko is at this point in time. So have fun with the new agent and show your opponents how strong Wingman can be if used right.

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