How Does Gekko’s Wingman Work Against Other Valorant Agent Abilities?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Wingman is an interesting ability in Gekko’s kit that can either be used to scout for enemies or plant or defuse the spike.</p></div>

The Wingman is an interesting ability in Gekko’s kit that can either be used to scout for enemies or plant or defuse the spike.


Gekko is the latest Valorant agent who has a very playful kit.
The Wingman is an interesting ability in Gekko’s kit that can either be used to scout for enemies or plant or defuse the spike.
Here’s how the Wingman interacts with other agents’ abilities in Valorant.

Gekko is the newest agent to join the Valorant roster and players are loving the agent and his unique kit. Gekko is an Initiator who can summon various pets that have their own unique abilities. Depending on which skill Gekko uses, you can stun, blind, reveal and disable enemies. 

One of the major talking points of Gekko’s kit is his Wingman or the Q ability that can be used to scout for enemies, or plant and defuse the spike. While the Wingman moves forward unidirectionally, the ability interacts differently with other agents’ abilities.

Here’s all you need to know about Gekko’s Wingman and how it interacts with some of the other abilities in the game. All the interactions mentioned in the article have been derived from freelance Valorant commentator and analyst Tombizz.

Wingman’s interactions with other agent abilities in Valorant

Firstly, let us break down what Gekko’s Wingman ability does:

Wingman (Q) - Ability

FIRE to send Wingman forward looking for enemies. If an enemy is found, Wingman fires a concussive blast in a triangular shape at the first enemy seen.

ALT FIRE when targeting a site to plant the Spike or ALT FIRE at a planted Spike to have Wingman defuse the spike. To plant, Gekko must have the spike in his inventory.

When Wingman expires, he turns into a glob that can be picked up and used again after a short cooldown.

Wingman x Sage Wall

Sage’s barrier orb lets her place a wall that fortifies after a few seconds. It can block enemies from the site and be a crucial part of providing different positions for allies to play from. When you send Wingman into a site to plant/defuse the spike and his path is blocked by a Sage wall, the Wingman will break through the wall to get into the site.

Wingman x Cypher Trapwire

Cypher’s trapwire is a destructible and covert tripwire. It creates a line that spans between the placed location and the wall opposite to it and enemies who cross a tripwire will be tethered, revealed, and dazed after a short period if they do not destroy the device in time. While running through a tripwire, the Wingman is initially pulled back briefly, but it can run forward to break it without getting dazed.

Gekko’s Wingman x Killjoy turret and Alarm bot

Killjoy’s turret fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone and deals damage to them and immediately goes off when an enemy is spotted. However, when an enemy Gekko sends in his Wingman to plant the spike, the turret does not fire at the Wingman and does not react to the enemy entering the plant site. Likewise, even the Alarmbot does not get triggered when Wingman walks past it.

Wingman x Killjoy Lockdown

Lockdown is Killjoy’s ultimate ability that winds down to detain all the enemies caught within its radius. However, Wingman can enter a site when the Lockdown is winding down and the little pet is not detained while he is caught in the ultimate spell, as he is fully immune to the Lockdown. This can prove to be crucial when it comes to planting during clutch moments.

Wingman x Astra Gravity Well

When players in the gravity well area are pulled toward the center before it explodes, it makes all those trapped inside it vulnerable. This seems to work with Wingman as well. As the little pet walks through a gravity well, it gets pulled to the center but the vulnerability is not applied to the pet. However, players can use this as an opportune moment to shoot the Wingman before the spike gets planted.

Wingman x Fade Seize

Fade’s Seize ability works quite similarly to the Gravity Well. The ability holds nearby enemies in place and deafens and decays them. However, the Wingman is completely unfazed by this Fade ability and walks right past it without any issue.

Gekko is one of the most fun agents Valorant has introduced because of his playful ability kit. The kit seems to be quite powerful at the moment, but with the right plays and calls, players can easily counter Gekko. Additionally, Riot Games will always look to balance the agent after release once they understand the meta and evaluate how the kit actually performs.

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