CLG Red Announces Its All-Women Valorant Roster


CLG Red Announces Its All-Women Valorant Roster

Abhimannu Das
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  • CLG Red announced its new all-women's Valorant roster featuring Benita “bENITA” Novshadian as team captain and IGL.
  • Other members of the roster will be announced in the coming days as the organization seeks to recreate its CS:GO team's success in Valorant.
  • bENITA revealed “I’m so honoured and proud to be the in-game leader and captain of this new project."

CLG Red was formed six years ago by CLG to promote women in esports. It was designed to be a safe space for women in competitive esports and the organization is taking that objective forward with its new all-women Valorant roster featuring some of the best female players in esports. CLG Red’s Valorant roster seeks to replicate its dominance in women’s competitive CS:GO scene and wants to build on its “championship mindset”. The organization has not revealed all members of its roster yet and we can expect a more detailed announcement in the coming days where three new members will be announced. 

Benita “bENITA” Novshadian Appointed As Team Captain for CLG Red Valorant 

CLG officially announced Benita “bENITA” Novshadian as the captain of the new CLG Red Valorant team. As one of the original members of CLG Red and an 8-time world champion, she is one of the best female esports players to represent the team. In the official roster announcement, bENITA revealed “I’m so honored and proud to be the in-game leader and captain of this new project. It’s a dream to have multiple games within the Red brand.”

CLG will reveal the three initial members of the roster who will join bENITA in the next few days. The organization revealed that it wants to make the most competitive team possible to compete in Valorant. Riot Games has big plans for the women’s Valorant scene and CLG Red is looking to capitalize on the opportunity. 

Cloud9 White was one of the first all-female teams to join competitive Valorant. Evil Geniuses announced its own mixed-gender Valorant Roster this year. Evil Genius’ director of esports Greg Kim revealed in January "When we entered, we really wanted it to be in our way and not just to purchase a team and to bring in five folks from another roster. When we heard potter was looking into VALORANT, that just seemed like a natural starting point for us."

Last year, Riot Games’ Brand and Marketing Manager Zanne Wong talked about a potential women’s only league in the future. She revealed that the Valorant team has to listen to the community. A more co-ed version of the league or a women’s league may be a reality in the future. The team will make a decision on being more inclusive for women following the results of the Valorant First Strike Event and the 2021 Champions Tour. The team is in a “learning and listening” stage right now, and they are trying to do the best for the community. The team wants to do what is best for the community, and if women need a separate league of their own, Riot will be working towards a women’s Valorant league. 

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