Riot Games' Brand Marketing Manager Talks About First Strike and The Championship Tour

Abhimannu Das
30/Nov/2020 09:04 am

Riot Games' Zanne Wong talked about how inclusivity is important to Valorant going forward.
The team wants to create an esport that lasts at least a decade through community-centric decisions.
Wong likes Liquid and Orgless teams but just wants good competition in the finals.

Valorant is growing to be among the top esports of this generation, and Riot Games is just getting started according to Riot Games’ Brand and Marketing Manager Zanne Wong. In a recent interview, she revealed that Valorant has an advantage in how the game represents all parts of the community. She admitted to GameReactor UK that the game is meant for people of all backgrounds and genders. Representation is a significant factor to the Valorant team, and the goal is to make it a safe and welcoming environment.

Valorant Is Going To Be More Competitive Than Ever Before

Valorant EsportsValorant wants to evolve its esports scene through the Championship Tour. Image by Riot Games

According to Wong, the First Strike event is only just half of what Valorant has to offer. With the finals just around the corner, the Valorant team will be looking to improve on the esports circuit. It is still the first year for Valorant, and the team is going through a learning process. 2021 is when the team wants to establish an ecosystem that is good for teams, coaches, internal staff, and the casters. 

The Championship tour will be a tournament-based competition and will allow all teams across the world to participate through regional qualifiers. LAN events may be in the works depending on whether the pandemic situation improves. The finals are planned to be LAN-only as of now, but things may change depending on how 2021 moves forward.

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On Female Rosters Joining Competitive Valorant

Cloud 9 WhiteCloud 9 White is C9's all-female Valorant team.
Image by Cloud9

Wong reveals that the Valorant team has to listen to the community. A more co-ed version of the league or a women’s league may be a reality in the future. The team will make a decision on being more inclusive for women following the results of the Valorant First Strike Event and the 2021 Champions Tour. The team is in a “learning and listening” stage right now, and they are trying to do the best for the community. The team wants to do what is best for the community, and if women need a separate league of their own, Riot will be working towards a women’s Valorant league. Valorant as an esports wants to last for decades, and the team is doing everything it can to ensure people are still talking about the game ten years from now.

Who Will Win the First Strike Finals EU?

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