Leafy Gets Banned From YouTube Over 'Harassment'

Nutan Lele
Published On: 22 Aug 2020, 11:56 AM
  • YouTuber Leafy gets banned due to violations of YouTube’s terms and service.
  • Leafy tweeted out about the suspension asking for a statement from YouTube.
  • Leafy had been at odds with Twitch streamer Pokimane over his content nuke series.

YouTuber Calvin Lee “Leafy” Vail’s account on August 21, 2020, was terminated owing to violations of YouTube’s terms and service which included bullying and harassment. He has originally left the platform back in December 2017 to return for a four-month stint which ended with termination. Daniel “Keemstar” Keem later tweeted that Leafy’s account was terminated after a message that said “multiple severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

Leafy and Pokimane were in a long-drawn war of words after Leafy uploaded a series of videos about the Twitch star in recent weeks. In them, he alleged that Pokimane forced deletion of videos from YouTube when they would criticize her and he also claimed that she had a boyfriend, which wasn’t known to her Twitch subscribers. Prior to the ban from YouTube, Leafy tweeted about Pokimane saying “I still don’t get why the t3 subs are angry. If Pokimane breaks up with her boyfriend because of all this then shouldn’t they be thanking me?” He also tweeted “Pewdiepie is racist”. After the ban, Leafy tweeted out:

A few people including Keemstar came out in support of Leafy.

Backlash faced by Leafy prior to the ban

Before his account was deleted, Leafy was criticized by numerous streamers and content creators that included the likes of HasanAbi, who said that Leafy was among the YouTubers who make one or two videos a week maximum after which they make a lot of money on Patreon. HasanAbi on his stream said, “Then they turn around and s*** on streamers who literally go live for 6-8 hours every day. Like that’s nuts dude, of course, there’s going to be dead space in between.” This was a reference to Pokimane’s streams which would include reacting to other people’s videos while eating which Leafy called out many times in his videos on her the past few weeks. 

Leafy has been centring the larger share of his content on Twitter and YouTube around Pokimane most probably because the content was working well for him. Leafy successfully made the term “Pokimane Boyfriend” trend on Twitter with his first video in which he said that she has a boyfriend. In the video, he targets Pokimane’s tier-3 subs saying that their donations and support to her in the hopes that she would notice them were in vain. 

After his video on Pokimane, she announced a month-long planned vacation from social media but came back to it two weeks later with an apology video on YouTube. She mentions that whether she has a boyfriend shouldn’t matter to her public life and that she keeps her private life private to protect her work/life balance.

Pokimane later clarified that she had nothing to do with the ban: 

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