Everything You Missed In The DrDisrespect And ScoutOP Stream


Everything You Missed In The DrDisrespect And ScoutOP Stream

Nutan Lele
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  • Dr Disrespect peaked at 104k, while Sc0ut OP hit 128k concurrent viewers.
  • The duo streamed Call of Duty: Warzone and Fall Guys.

A few days ago, Dr DisRespect announced a collaboration with Indian PUBG Mobile streamer and Fnatic’s star Tanmay “Scout” Singh on his stream. The live stream was scheduled to begin at 10:30 pm IST yesterday. Both streamers are known for their brash personalities and rabid fans. 

Scout x Doc Stream Highlights

Last night, Dr Disrespect peaked at 104k, while Sc0ut OP hit 128k concurrent viewers. 8bit Thug kicked off the stream with an INR 10k donation. Several other people including MortaL also came out with a donation and the Scout Army ended up recruiting several members. 

The Doc started the stream a little late at 10:40, with an elaborate introduction, welcoming the Scout Army to the Champions' Arena saying, “We got India, making their way inside of the Arena”. 

Everything You Missed In The DrDisrespect And ScoutOP Stream

Initially, the viewers count on Scout’s stream went over 250k. However, as the stream progressed, the count dropped. The overall view count on Scout’s stream was 3.6 million views, which is still above average compared to his other streams while Dr Disrespect’s stream clocked in with 2.7 million views.

Glitches and errors

ScoutOP’s newly installed system ran into some glitches. He was not audible during the start of the stream and ended up having to call his tech support. Even as the stream progressed, Scout ran into a Steam error and a connection error while joining his Fall Guys lobby. While playing Call of Duty: Warzone, both Scout and the Doc suffered from latency (ping) issues. 

Everything You Missed In The DrDisrespect And ScoutOP Stream
Scout and Doc in the same lobby for Call of Duty

This is not surprising given how far the two are located. However, the duo managed to play a couple of games on the Europe server. Eventually, they switched to Fall Guys.

India meets Dr Disrespect

Doc said he really wants to visit India and stated that he’s going to India within the next two years. In classic Doc fashion, he also mentioned that he would be flying over in a private jet. Quite a few of Scout’s fans decided to take over Doc's live chat writing ‘Scout OP’ among other messages. Scout’s chat also saw spams of VSM (Violence. Speed. Momentum.) which is one of Doc’s catchphrases. Scout seemed unaware of this, however, his fans filled him in. 

The duo discussed their favourite games, the hype around Cyberpunk 2077 and Dr, when asked by Scout, said that he didn’t play PUBG because of the hackers. Scout also asked the Doc about ‘Binod’.  The stream seemed impromptu in some ways as the duo hadn’t figured out how they'd be connecting with each other, and before playing Fall Guys, they had to add each other on Steam. Since their Friend Codes were visible, both Scout and the Doc were flooded with requests on Steam. Around the same time, Scout’s fans had taken over the chat and wanted the Doc to connect with the streamer on Discord.

While the stream didn’t break records as was expected, many fans took to Reddit to express how much they enjoyed the stream with Scout. Despite it happening so late at night in Asia, Scout managed to draw in an above-average number of people to watch him play PC games. 

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