YouTube Live Viewership Soars With Indian Streamers and Doc’s Return

Shounak Sengupta
14/Aug/2020 04:23 pm

Live gaming viewership on YouTube saw a big spike with the return of one of gaming’s big content creators - Guy ‘DrDisrespect’ Beahm. The streamer’s sudden ban on Twitch following weeks of speculation as to why he was banned and which platform he would go to next made for a thrilling comeback as the 38-year old started his livestream on YouTube. On his return stream, he saw a peak viewership of 510,000 viewers which was recently beaten by Shroud’s return to Twitch which saw the former professional player peak at 517,000 viewers. 

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Doc's Return Sees Over 500k Concurrent

However, barring the highly speculated and anticipated of DrDisrespect, one gaming community that already existed on YouTube is also continuing to show strong numbers. This of course is the South Asian PUBG MOBILE community which has some really big content creators such as MortaL, Dynamo and Sc0utOP. In fact, MortaL was recently nominated for the Esports Awards - Streamer of the Year category, with the Doc being a past winner. One particular category of streams that seems to be attracting a lot of viewers in the PUBG Mobile space is the crate opening ones. More recently, a stream on the night of August 13, where Tanmay ‘Sc0utop’ Singh was trying to unlock the maxed out version of his M4 Glacier skin, Scout peaked at 358,000 viewers. Both Sc0ut and Mortal have been on a upward trend in recent months with Scout adding upwards of 300,000 subscribers per month over the course of the last 3 months.

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Earlier this month, MortaL himself saw over 300,000 concurrent viewers on his livestream when he was trying to max out his Pharaoh set. The contribution by these two streamers and more big names who have moved to YouTube in recent times was acknowledged by it’s Head of Gaming, Ryan Watt aka Fwiz.  Sc0utOP 

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Another big factor driving the growth of video game live streaming on YouTube has been the emergence of the mobile gaming market in Asia. From titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Southeast Asia to PUBG MOBILE in India, regions with very high populations and relatively lower average age have found access to mobile devices and internet in recent years. 


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