Riding On The Success of His New Video, CarryMinati’s Livestream Pulls in Big Numbers

Shounak Sengupta
10/May/2020 08:38 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Carryminati

  • CarryMinati recently released a video which went viral on his main channel.
  • This spilled over to his livestreaming channel as it raked in some big numbers on his stream. 

Having delivered a smashing hit with his latest YouTube video, CarryMinati’s recent livestream saw his mainstream success spill over into his streaming endeavours as fans and well wishers poured in to watch him playing games. The video which was themed around CarryMinati roasting content creators on TikTok has seen over 32 Million views since it’s release and the star has been trending both on YouTube and Twitter due to the virality of the video. 

While Carry’s livestream was on his alternate channel, CarryisLive, it seems as if his mainstream success has caught up to him. Many compared his consistent near 100K live viewership to that of Pewdiepie, who was also streaming at the same time. While Pewdiepie, who is behind one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world, with over 104 Million Subscribers averaged between 50-60K viewers, CarryMinati was consistent at around 100K. However, to be fair, when Pewdiepie started his stream, he too was pulling in close to 130K viewers. .

While the comparison with Pewdiepie seems to be a bit unreasonable, few can deny that CarryMinati’s latest video was one of the key reasons behind his livestreaming success. While Carry is one of India’s biggest YouTubers who live streams regularly, spikes like these are often due to external factors. Nonetheless it was a big day day for CarryMinati whose video and livestream both did excellently in terms of viewership. 


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