VALORANT Servers for South Asia and Middle East Regions to be Available Later this Year

VALORANT Servers for South Asia and Middle East Regions to be Available Later this Year

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valorant which is releasing tomorrow will not have a dedicated server for South Asia and the Middle East regions initially.

  • The official servers for the two regions will be introduced later in the year.

  • For now, the two regions can play the game via the SEA and EU servers respectively.

The first episode of VALORANT titled ‘Ignition’ which is releasing globally tomorrow, for regions like Vietnam it won’t be possible to launch the game just yet. Meanwhile, players from India and the Middle East will be able to play the game via the South East Asian and European servers respectively.

Sukamal Pegu - Head of Publishing, India and South Asia at Riot Games offered clarity on this saying that, 

“Riot Games is highly committed to providing the India and rest of the South Asia region with an excellent gaming experience. While you'll be joining the worldwide launch on June 2, the official servers which will support Middle East & South Asia will come later in the year”.

He went on to acknowledge that players from South Asia might experience higher latency due to them having to play on the SEA servers temporarily. He concluded by recommending players from these regions to register with their actual home countries and original Riot IDs to make their future server transition easier.

VALORANT will be launching along with dedicated 128-tick servers for all players, absolutely free. It will also include a few other things like:

  • A new map called ‘Ascent’ which will be featuring ‘operable doors’ that close and can also be destroyed via damage.

  • A new agent called ‘Reyna’ which will represent the city of Mexico. This character will be heavily reliant on the player’s raw skill, which makes the character dependent on the user’s performance.

  • A new game mode called ‘Spike Rush’ will also be introduced. This will be a fast-paced game mode with every member of the attacking team having their own ‘Spike’. Both teams will get the same random weapons each round, all basic abilities will be unlocked and teams will switch between ‘Attackers’ and ‘Defenders’ every three rounds.

  • A battle pass called ‘Story Contract’ will be available for all the players. This pass will have two parts to it, one will be a free track and the other will be paid. These optional extras will not be affecting the gameplay in any manner.

While these might be the new features rolling out with the game, the developers have also noted that there are two known issues with the game which haven’t been resolved yet.

  1. In cases where a player has a lot of incoming packet loss, there are occasions where an enemy model will appear to be ducking when they’re actually standing (the server has dropped the packet that says 'this player uncrouched'). A fix for this will be coming as soon as possible states the VALORANT dev team.

  2. When sparks are turned on instead of blood, there are some clarity issues when trying to decipher between a body shot or headshot, something which the devs would like to improve upon in the near future.

After having spent close to two months in closed beta the developers at VALORANT are now feeling confident about the game which is set to release worldwide tomorrow.

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