VALORANT Might have Official FACEIT Support from the Very First Day

Aditya Singh Rawat
27/May/2020 10:11 am
  • VALORANT might have FACEIT support right off the bat.

  • There are some hints that suggest FACEIT is considering hosting the tactical shooter on its platform despite Riot Games providing the players with all the essentials.

Riot Games tactical shooter VALORANT which is all set to release on 2nd June might be getting FACEIT support right off the bat. The platform which is armed with a robust anti-cheat system provides a stable competitive environment for gamers, most popular amongst the CS:GO userbase who take advantage of its 128-tick servers and the FACEIT anti-cheat.

Already the website seems to have a hub sort of a thing on their platform for the Turkish and the Romanian player base. VALORANT was in closed beta for close to two months, due to which FACEIT could not host the game on the platform, but with the game set to release globally early next week things could change.


But the big question is will FACEIT even attract the VALORANT userbase towards the platform when Riot Games has already provided them with both an aggressive anti-cheat system called ‘Vanguard’ and 128-tick servers, along with a highly optimised network system that minimises lag and helps the game run smoother in older devices.

The advantage that FACEIT had over Valve run CS:GO seems to have diminished when it comes to VALORANT. Though there has been a community backlash against ‘Vanguard’ along with a few instances where the anti-cheat system led to hardware problems for its users, the heavy ban waves from the developers called ‘soulbans’ were greeted with open arms.

VALORANT Game Settings on FACEIT

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It all boils down to how 'Vanguard' holds against the rush of players once the game releases, as there is bound to be an increase in the number of cheaters. If VALORANT is able to hold its ground and tackle these threats effectively, then the migration of players over to FACEIT will not likely take place in large numbers otherwise, the platform might see itself grow in another shooter.


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