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100 Thieves Signs NiceWigg as Apex Legends Content Creator

Abhimannu Das
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100 Thieves has signed esports professional and streamer Jack "NiceWigg" Martin as a content creator for Apex Legends.
Martin is a former professional player who was signed with Counter Logic Gaming and has participated in Apex Legends Global Series events.
When Apex Legends launched, NiceWigg was the number one controller player on PC and was also regarded as the best Octane player in the world.

100 Thieves recently signed Jack "NiceWigg" Martin as an Apex Legends content creator. The North American organization showed interest in Apex Legends at launch in 2019, but it has been absent from the scene for two years. 100 Thieves' founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag showed interest in Apex Legends last month, especially in the Japanese scene. A month after 100T founder showed interest, the organization signed NiceWigg, who is an ex-professional player. NiceWigg broke into the Apex Legends scene as one of the best Octane players in the game. He was formerly a part of Counter-Logic Gaming, before parting ways and competing independently in Apex Legends Global Series events.

NiceWigg’s journey from seven viewer streams to being signed by 100 Thieves

NiceWigg is a former pro player who has competed in multiple ALGS events over the past two years. He quickly became the number one controller player in the world on PC in 2019 and despite his skill level, he was averaging seven viewers per stream. NRG’s Coby "dizzy" Meadows ran into a match with NiceWigg randomly and hosted him after the game, which helped accelerate the 100 Thieves content creator’s career on Twitch.

NiceWigg continues to thank Dizzy two years since the incident, and after being signed by 100T he tweeted out that Dizzy “is one of the humblest people I have ever met. He changed my life and helped make me the person I am today.”

Dizzy responded stating that “I was just there to help get you started. WiggNation grew and stayed for you. Will always be happy to see you come from the ground up. Your hard work and dedication is inspiring.”

NiceWigg’s mother congratulated her son on Twitter via the team’s official account as a surprise where she talked about how she made her own 100 Thieves jersey to cheer for her son and the “WiggNation”, which is what he calls his followers. This is 100 Thieves’ second entry into Apex Legends after its initial stint in pro play, where it found limited success and eventually stepped out of the Apex Legends esports scene in August 2019.

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