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Nadeshot Hints at 100 Thieves' Expansion to Apex Legends and Valorant in Japan

Abhimannu Das
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100 Thieves' founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag put out a tweet asking about the best Japanese creators to follow within the Apex Legends and Valorant communities.
The organization may be looking to expand to Japan with regional content similar to how TSM announced an official Japanese social media account.
Japan is one of the biggest markets for Apex Legends with the country pulling in a large number of viewers during regional events.

The North American organization, TSM recently expanded to Japan with localized content for its fans and 100 Thieves might be looking to do something similar. Last week, TSM announced that it would be expanding to Japan with its official Japanese social media accounts and exclusive content for Japanese fans. TSM Apex Legends pro, Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona officially announced the organization’s entry to Japan and 100 Thieves might be looking to do the same. 100T founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag had posted on Twitter, asking about which creators to follow in the Apex Legends and Valorant communities.

North American organizations are looking to create regional content

Apex Legends is extremely popular in Japan and while it might not have a huge Japanese audience on Twitch, the game crossed 100,000 viewers during the Crazy Raccoon (CR) Cup last month on YouTube. The CR Cup is one of the biggest Apex Legends events outside the Apex Legends Global Series and it featured popular Japanese HoloLive streamers and VTubers as well as professional players.

100 Thieves owner, Nadeshot may be looking at potential partnerships or even an official expansion to Japan, similar to TSM. He posted a tweet in Japanese asking about the best creators to follow in the country’s Apex Legends and Valorant communities. While there might not be any official plans to expand to Japan by 100 Thieves, the organization might be considering it.

On 9th Aug 2021, TSM officially announced its Japanese social media accounts. TSM Apex Legends pro, Snip3down revealed, “We've felt the support growing every single day and we wanted to do something to give back to you. Starting today, we'll be launching our TSM Japan page where we'll be able to communicate directly with our fans in Japanese.

Snip3down added that TSM seeks to expand to Valorant and Rainbow Six: Siege as well in the future. The Apex Legends competitive scene was forced to adopt a regional model instead of a global championship due to the pandemic but Respawn Entertainment revealed earlier this year that it is considering an international world championship this year. With the game being popular in Japan, international organizations like TSM and 100 Thieves might be looking to cater to a global audience.

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