Players should aim to maximize their KP in Apex Legends to climb the ranked ladder quicker.


What Is KP in Apex Legends?

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For new Apex Legends players, terms like KP may seem daunting, but are quite easy to understand.
For players who want to climb the ranked ladder for the battle royale, maximizing their KP multiplier is the way to go.

Apex Legends is becoming quite popular with a lot of new players and streamers queuing up to play the battle royale. Apex Legends can seem intimidating to new players who need to learn about the various Legends’ abilities, the weapons, ammo types, and other gameplay mechanics. With many new players entering the arena, the terminology like KP in Apex Legends can be confusing. While some terms like tapping or focus may be familiar to battle royale players, others may seem totally new. In this article, we look at the ranked system as a whole and what KP is in Apex Legends.

KP in Apex Legends

To understand what KP means in Apex Legends, players will have to also understand the ranked system. Ranked Battle Royale is a competitive mode in Apex Legends that lets you play with other players at a similar skill level. Over time, you can rank up and play in higher tiers. During Ranked Seasons, you can also earn rewards based on your rank.

Players earn Ranked Points (RP) after each match for your placement in the match and total kills. Players can earn between 10 to 100 RP depending on where they finish on the leaderboard in the match and earn an additional 10 RP for every kill or assist. This is capped at 6 kills or assists per match, but there is a multiplier. KP in Apex Legends is the overall term for this kill and assist multiplier, colloquially called Kill Points. This means that the higher you place in the top 10, the more you can earn per kill. For example, if you rank seventh place at the end of the match, you’ll get 12RP per kill instead of 10RP.

The points rewarded and the KP multipliers in Apex Legends.

The max multiplier you can earn from Apex Legends KP is capped at six kills and assists. Your goal while playing ranked in terms of KP will be to maximize it for every match either during early game or late game. You can either play aggressively at the beginning and stack up to max KP or you can play passively at the beginning, collect good equipment, and try to max the KP multiplier towards the end of the match when the zone closes in and fire fights are common.

Note: Ranked Arenas is separate from Ranked Battle Royale. Your points won’t stack across each, and they are separate rankings.

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