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Why Is Your League of Legends Account Suspended?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Players can get penalized for inappropriate behavior in League of Legends and Riot Games takes these penalties seriously
Depending upon the report a player received, they could either get a “temporary suspension” or a “permanent ban” from playing League of Legends
Not everyone can appeal against the penalties but players can submit a ticket to Riot if they feel like the penalty was unjust

Riot Games punishes its League of Legends player base for inappropriate behavior and toxicity. Just recently we saw a Chinese League of Legends pro get penalized by the league for griefing in a ranked game with Faker. Riot takes these behaviors into serious consideration and keeps a vigil over the state of the game. To ensure a safe and nurturing environment, League of Legends offers players the option to report another player during champion select lobby or after the game is over. Once a report is made, Riot’s systems review the course of the game and determine whether or not to impose a penalty. Sometimes, players get an ‘instant feedback report’ when the person they reported gets penalized. However, the lack of a notification does not mean there was no penalty.

The penalties could vary for every report that Riot receives. While some of them might end up getting chat restricted, others could potentially get their accounts banned or suspended. The terms “suspension” and “ban” might sound the same but actually they are a bit different. Short-term penalties are described by Riot as suspensions, whereas a ban means that one’s account is permanently barred from playing League of Legends. In the past, however, Riot has used these terms interchangeably and advises players to check the duration of the penalty rather than just relying on the terminology.

Why do League of Legends players get suspended?

Players get banned or suspended for disciplinary actions and for not upholding the Code of Conduct of League of Legends. They could be because of the instant feedback and report system, inappropriate names, chat room spam and toxicity, and even MMR boosting. Players could also get suspended in cases of financial disputes or for security reasons.

Your account has received a temporary time-locked suspension during which you are unable to play League using this account for the listed time period. This means you acted in a way that we at Riot and League of Legends consider inappropriate for in-game behavior. You are now much closer to receiving a permanent ban on your account and should be very aware of your in-game behavior and how to improve to keep your account from being permabanned."
Riot Games

Some of the penalties are as follows and they could get your League of Legends Account suspended/banned:

  • Chat restriction for three days

  • Chat restriction for seven days

  • 14-day suspension

  • Permanent ban

With every penalty, players are present with evidence for why they are getting penalized along with their previous and current suspensions. Depending on the severity of the offenses, one can get a temporary suspension without previous chat restrictions or even get an instant permanent ban.

Permanent ban from playing League of Legends

Permanent bans are possible and players are often warned beforehand. These bans are not out of the blue in any case. If a player gets their account permanently banned, they must have received evidence like chat logs that prompted previous bans. They could also have been penalized previously for inappropriate conduct and that if continued it would result in a permanent ban. When an account is permanently banned, the player cannot use it to play League of Legends anymore and they are almost never removed.

Riot Games explained in a blogpost, “Usually by the time you have reached being permabanned, you have already been banned before. You were aware that your behavior was unacceptable according to the Terms of Use and the Summoner’s Code. Excessive negative behavior can result in a permanent ban at any time without any prior warning or restriction.”

Appealing the ban or suspension

Riot’s Instant Feedback System is by no means a flawless system. This means that players may, at times, get an undeserved penalty. In such cases, they can appeal the ban or the suspension. However, if the penalty was legitimate, the chances of the penalty being lifted are very low.

Submitting a ticket for appealing ban/suspension

To start the process of an appeal, go to the Riot support page and click on the “Submit a Ticket” tab and select ‘Discuss a Personal Suspension, Ban, or Restriction’ as ticket type and fill out the form and submit.

The suspension will be removed if it is found to be unjust. Players must note that one must be logged in to submit the ticket. Also, remember to not use the excuse of someone else using the account and that it is your responsibility to abide by the Summoners’ Code.

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