The new League of Legends Honor System update will add more perks for good behavior. 


League of Legends Honor System Update: Riot to Add Perks, Penalize Bad Behavior

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Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh mentions that Riot is taking steps to reward positive players and implement punishments for Champ Select reports starting next patch.
Along with the current honor rewards, players will get a special recall VFX and an exclusive skin for reaching Honor level 5.

League of Legends has been facing toxicity issues for a while now. Over the years, Riot Games has taken several steps to combat this including introducing an Honor system to the game back in 2012 and recently going as far as disabling all-chat in the game. The Honor system received a rework in 2018 and continues to be upgraded by the Behavioral Systems team. Today, Riot Games announced in a dev post that they would be rewarding positive players and taking action on champ select reports. In a post titled ‘Making Behavioral Systems Matter More’, Product Lead for Behavioral Systems Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh mentioned that Riot would be giving positive players a new special recall VFX. Positive players would also be getting an exclusive skin for reaching Honor level 5. The League of Legends Honor system update shall now also start punishing players for champ select toxicity.

League of Legends Honor system update adds more perks for good behavior

Aside from the current set of honor rewards that include Honor Orbs, Honor Capsules, Mastery chests and Key Fragments, players will be getting a new special recall VFX for reaching Honor level 5. This special recall will also be given to players who have received an Honor from either a non-premade or two premades in their last game. Riot is also working on an exclusive skin for players who reach Honor level 5 as part of the end of season rewards. Currently, players only have a small chance of getting one of the two Honor exclusive skins, Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch in Honor Capsules.

Riot had unlocked the vault and put up Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch during the last major League of Legends Honor system update. 

Riot will also finally be implementing punishments for Champ Select reporting. According to the dev post, Champ Select reports only make up about 3.2% of reports. Regardless, Riot will be rolling out punishments for Champ Select reports in the next patch.

The dev post also acknowledged player disappointment in the lack of progress made in Behavioral Systems over the last few years. Riot will now be shifting focus from the 5% of players who are consistently disruptive to the 95% of average players who usually behave well. The post assured players the developer is working on systems to combat this occasional toxicity as well and will be taking feedback from the community. Perhaps Riot can implement things like being able to honor more than one teammate and an honor progress bar between checkpoints to let you know how close you are to the next one.

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