AtheneLIVE is one such streamer who uses AI technology to create clones of popular streamers to come up with parodies via his Athene AI Show


Who Is AtheneLIVE on Twitch? What Is the Athene AI Show?

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AI streamers are slowly taking over Twitch.
AtheneLIVE is one such streamer who uses AI technology to create clones of popular streamers to come up with parodies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become such an integral part of routine life now that it was only a matter of time before it took over content creation. Recently, AI streamers have turned around the streaming world starting from V-tuber (virtual YouTuber) Neuro-sama, who is controlled entirely by AI to WatchMeForever, an AI channel that generates scenes resembling the popular sitcom Seinfeld. 

Another streamer who is taking AI streaming to the next level is AtheneLIVE, a Twitch streamer who mimics real-life streamers and personalities, by seemingly using the ever-so-controversial deepfake technology. In Athene’s channel, multiple popular Twitch streamers and personalities including Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Zack “Asmongold”, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, and Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker have been parodied via his Athene AI Show.

Here’s everything you need to know about AtheneLIVE and the Athene AI Show.

AtheneLIVE on Twitch takes AI streaming to the next level 

AtheneLIVE’s unique show on Twitch is called the Athene AI Show where the streamer uses AI to accurately capture the facial expressions, the voice, and the modulation of the streamers he is parodying. 

The Athene AI Show also has a clear disclaimer on the stream. The disclaimer states, “While the show may portray interpretations of known personalities in a way that is at times indistinguishable from reality, the ‘parody’ label will at all times be visible on-screen while the AI is active. The sole purpose of this show is parody and comedy.” It adds that the channel does not condone the use of this footage or the usage of similar technologies in any way that could be deceptive, derogatory, or unethical. It further states, “Suggested questions or statements from chat that could be seen as sensitive, controversial, unethical or derogatory will not be accepted and will not be responded to by the AI.

The community has been reacting positively to the AI streamers and the creators themselves have welcomed this content with open arms and enthusiasm. Tim aka Esfand has been actively engaging with the AI streamers on the Athene stream and his reaction videos have quite the following currently. 

On Esfand’s latest video titled ‘A Conversation With AI Amouranth’,  one user commented, “I've heard Esfand laugh a lot over the years but I'm not sure I've ever heard a more genuine belly laugh. From anyone. These AI streams are amazing but Esfand makes [them] infinitely better.

While streamers reacting to the Athene AI Show is entertaining, the answers given by the AI are engaging and funny by themselves. On 6th February, Athene asked the Asmon AI, “What do you think about Starforge PCs?” and the AI replied, “Starforge PCs? Dude, why would I spend ridiculous amounts of money on a gaming computer when I can spend the same money on Dr Pepper? I’m just not into that whole expensive gaming gear thing. But honestly, if you like it, and you have the means, more power to you.

Likewise, HasanAbi’s AI talking about Steven Kenneth Bonnell II aka Destiny also went viral. Athene asked Hasan AI if he could fix Destiny if he was a girl. To this, the AI replied, “No, I don’t think I could fix Destiny. She’s too problematic and I think she’s stuck in her ways. But if she was a girl, it would be more interesting…

While deepfakes and AI content are revolutionary, the question of judicious usage of this technology looms large. Recently, the streaming and gaming community raised concerns and expressed disappointment after a clip of Twitch streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing allegedly subscribed to a not-safe-for-work (NSFW) website of deepfakes of fellow streamers went viral. Following this, the streamer issued an apology and stated that he is stepping away from content creation. He is also bearing the financial and legal costs of taking down “unwanted content from the web.

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