Atrioc released a statement apologizing for his actions and for causing harm to women who were exploited non-consensually through the deepfakes.


Atrioc Issues Apology, Steps Away From Content Creation Amid the Deepfake Drama

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Atrioc released a statement apologizing for his actions and for causing harm to women who were exploited non-consensually through the deepfakes.
He noted that he is stepping away from content creation and that he is working with law firms to take down such content.
Content creator Ludwig addressed this issue via a video where he mirrored the statements of women creators.

The streaming and gaming community raised concerns and expressed disappointment after a clip of streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing allegedly subscribed to a not-safe-for-work (NSFW) website of deepfakes of fellow streamers went viral. Following this, Atrioc issued an apology and swore that it was not a pattern of behavior. Prominent streamers who were affected by the reported deepfake website took to social media to address the issue and talked about the seriousness of being sexualized without consent. A day later, Atrioc posted a statement about stepping away from content creation and bearing the financial and legal costs of taking down “unwanted content from the web.

Atrioc vows to combat the damage he has caused

On 1st February, Atrioc posted a Twitlonger, stating that his actions have resulted in him being perceived as a “deepfake porn guy.” He specifically apologized to all the women who discovered that they were “exploited non-consensually” through this issue. He specifically apologized to Maya Higa and Imane “Pokimane” Anys since their images were seen in the reported screenshot that made the rounds online. He said, “I'm sorry I didn't reach out sooner, I'm sorry my actions have led to further exploitation of you and your body, and I'm sorry your experience is not uncommon.

Atrioc noted that through the efforts of Twitch streamer QTCinderella (aka Blaire) and Ryan Morrison’s law firm, the NSFW deepfake website has been taken down. Atrioc added, “I have spoken with Morrison and am working to cover the financial cost of the takedown as well as all legal fees for all women affected to use his services for removing their unwanted content from the web.” Apart from this, Atrioc is also engaging more law firms to remove this type of content from other social media sites like Reddit. 

Atrioc stated that he will be stepping away from content creation and OFFBRAND, Ludwig Ahgren’s content creation company. He also had a strong message to those that expressed “support” by way of saying he was not wrong or that he should not apologize. “F*** you. Sincerely. I do not want your support, I do not stand with you,” Atrioc stated.

Ludwig addresses the deepfake issue on Mogul Mail

In the latest video of Mogul Mail, Ludwig Ahgren said that, for the first time, he felt the pressure to do a video. He addressed the deepfake porn issue where Atrioc allegedly paid to gain access to deepfakes of female streamers, including his partner QTCinderella. He said that people were “mad at him” for releasing a statement earlier. However, Ludwig reasoned, “I hope you get that I prioritized being a boyfriend to my girlfriend, who’s had a very sh** couple of days, over being Mogul Mail guy.

Ludwig stated that he did not see a different take on the issue and decided to use his platform to amplify the statements of female creators affected by the issue.  He read out statements from creators including Pokimane, Maya Higa, Sweet Anita, QTCinderella and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. 

Ludwig noted that Atrioc’s actions were a severe lapse in judgment. He pointed out that he not only navigated to the website but paid to view it and also leaked it on stream mindlessly, sparking a sudden interest amongst internet users to look up “deepfake porn.” Ludwig reasoned that many women creators shell out money from their pockets to ensure that their images are not misused and sexualized online. The Mogul Mail creator also called out those who say “not at men.

Ludwig also shared a Medium post titled “You Are Not a Person” by Josie Simora that talked about how men are allowed to view women however they want, regardless of how women dress or present themselves. The article also talked about why deepfake porn is problematic and unjust since it robs “people of any semblance of privacy.

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