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Who Are the League of Legends Characters in Arcane?

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‘Arcane’ is a Netflix adaptation of League of Legends lore featuring Piltover and Zaun.
Nine existing champions from League of Legends were present in the show.
More champions are likely to be introduced in future seasons of the show.

‘Arcane’ is a Netflix adaptation of League of Legends lore. With over 150 champions, publisher Riot Games has fleshed out the lore for the vast majority of them and the TV show explored the backstory of Vi and Jinx. While other champions made it to the show as important characters, the show largely revolves around the two sisters who chose completely different paths following a series of unfortunate events. In case you are wondering how many champions were featured in the TV show, here is a complete list of all League of Legends characters in Arcane.

All League of Legends characters in Arcane

Jinx (Powder)

Jinx - League of Legends

Jinx was originally known as Powder (and Pow Pow). She struggles with trauma and Vi was always protective towards her. After Jinx accidentally killed their adoptive father Vander, Jinx and Vi parted ways. Jinx then transforms into the maniacal character we know today in League of Legends.

Powder/Jinx first appeared in Arcane Act 1 Episode 1.


Vi - League of Legends

Vi is Jinx’s elder sister and she is one of the protagonists in Arcane. She has a fallout with Jinx after Vander is killed, which leads to the antagonist Silco brainwashing Jinx. Vi goes on to become one of Piltover’s enforcers in League of Legends.

Vi first appeared in Arcane Act 1 Episode 1.


Caitlyn - League of Legends

Caitlyn is the Sheriff of Piltover in League of Legends and also Vi’s love interest. Arcane depicts her earlier days right before she becomes Sheriff and highlights how she and Vi met. Caitlyn was also one of the few characters that supported Jayce’s ambitions with Hextech.


Jayce - League of Legends

Jayce plays a very important role in Arcane and we see him work with Viktor to harness Hextech crystals for the “greater good”. Jayce transforms Piltover and helps the city advance even further but Hextech falls in the wrong hands and it leads to a power struggle between Piltover and Zaun.

Jayce first appears in Act 1 Episode 2.


Viktor - League of Legends

Viktor shows a keen interest in helping Jayce and was instrumental in making Hextech technology possible. We learn that he is suffering from an illness and he eventually uses Hextech to cure himself. In League of Legends, he transforms into an all-out cyborg.

Viktor first appears in Arcane Act 1 Episode 2.


Heimerdinger - League of Legends

Heimerdinger is one of the greatest minds in Piltover and is shown as a mentor to Jayce. Despite his expertise in science, he is hesitant to adopt new technology but we see him change as he runs into Zaun and meets Ekko.

Heimerdinger first appears in Act 1 Episode 2


Singed - League of Legends

Singed is a scientist who is willing to go to any length for his experiments and was partially responsible for Jinx’s fate. He has a connection with Viktor, and will be responsible for creating the Hextech-infused Viktor we know from League of Legends.

Singed first appears in Arcane Act 1 Episode 1.


Ryze - League of Legends

While his face was not shown, Ryze is the one who saved Jayce in the past. The mysterious character is not affiliated with Piltover & Zaun, but is connected to the universe of Runeterra as a whole because of his control over arcane energy.

Ryze appeared in Arcane Act 1 Episode 2


Kindred - League of Legends

Many may have missed Kindred’s appearance in the show. Kindred is a mysterious creature that represents death itself. The duo appeared in human form in Arcane as part of a cameo.

Kindred appeared in Arcane Act 2 Episode 2.

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