Jinx is a hyper carry in League of Legends and is very strong in the late game.


Top 5 Counters for Jinx in League of Legends

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Jinx is a hyper carry in League of Legends and is very strong in the late game.
However, Jinx has many counter picks that can prevent her from scaling into the late game monster she can set out to be.

Jinx is an attack-damage carry (ADC) champion in League of Legends who is predominantly a late-game champion. Given the nature of her ability kit, which has equal parts crowd control (CC), damage, and range, she can quite easily affect team fights from a long range. Thanks to her passive ‘Get Excited!’, Jinx gains massive bursts of movement speed and attack speed whenever she helps kill or destroy enemy champions, epic jungle monsters, or structures. For the most part of League of Legends Season 12, Jinx dominated the meta both in pro play and ranked games. It was very common for players to pivot toward Aphelios or Jinx as their ADC.

Notably, According to Games of Legends, Jinx had a presence of 81.2% in the top regions of League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), League of Legends Pro League (LPL), League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), and the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), in the 2022 Spring Split.

Even though Jinx received nerfs following this dominance, the champion continues to wreak havoc in Season 13 and is a late-game monster. Currently, on LoL Patch 13.4, Jinx has a 50.42% win rate, with a pick rate of 7.3% and a ban rate of 0.2% in Platinum and above ranks, according to U.GG

The easiest way to counter Jinx in League of Legends is to pick champions who are really powerful in the early game. This way, you can shut her down and make her irrelevant early on in the game and make it nearly impossible for her to get items for the late-game power spike. Here are the top five counter picks for Jinx in League of Legends.

Jinx counter picks in League of Legends


Draven is one of the strongest ADCs in the game and he can play really aggressively in lane because of his early-game pressure. He can earn more gold than a lot of champions if he is able to cash out on his stacks. Notably, Draven is a very strong 1v1 champion and you can be confident that he will out-damage and kill almost every other ADC in a 1v1 situation. The only downside to playing Draven is that he is hard to master mechanically since you need to catch his Spinning Axes (Q) to gain more stacks. On average, Draven has a Gold Advantage of 1097 (Platinum and higher ranks) over Jinx at 15 minutes, according to U.GG.


While Draven is a good counter to Jinx in the laning phase, Seraphine tends to outperform Jinx in every stage of the game, making her one of the best counters to the Loose Cannon. According to U.GG, Seraphine has a 57% win rate (Platinum and higher ranks) against Jinx in LoL Patch 13.4. Note that Seraphine is a fairly easy champion to learn. Seraphine has a ton of CC in her kit because of her passive, E - Beat Drop, and R - Encore. Additionally, she has a shield and a heal in her W - Surround Sound. All in all, she is a great utility champion who can root Jinx in place, poke her, and dish out damage, all while remaining healthy.


Twitch is an ADC who has burst potential in his kit. Combined with his invisibility (Q - Ambush), he can sneak onto Jinx, and immediately burst her down with his W - Venom Cask and E - Contaminate. When you use Twitch’s E and Q together, he gets an increase in attack speed and this is a force to be reckoned with. His Passive - Deadly Venom allows him to shred through the enemy team, especially when they are grouped together. Players can take advantage of his kit in choke points and fight around the enemy’s vision. While Twitch is not that strong against Jinx in the early stages of the game, he scales really well and he dominates over her in the mid and late-game stages. In LoL Patch 13.4, Twitch has a 52.96% win rate against Jinx in Platinum and higher ranks.


Tristana really shines through in the early and late game phase but her mid-game is not very strong. Since she has an incredibly strong lane presence and burst potential, she can easily out-farm and out-damage Jinx in the early game. Her early-game aggression is through the roof especially when paired with CC-loaded or aggressive supports like Nautilus, Thresh or even Leona. This will enable Tristana to take over the game fairly quickly. In LoL Patch 13.4, Tristana’s win rate against Jinx is over 50% in Platinum and higher ranks.


Xayah is another overall better pick against Jinx in League of Legends. In the current patch of 13.4 in Platinum and higher ranks, Xayah has a win rate of 51.55% against Jinx. Note that you need to play very safe for the starting few levels since Xayah takes time to hit her power spike. You need to farm early on in the game and get a few kills at the start so that you turn into a late-game carry. Her feather placements are crucial to winning duels and team fights and her R -Featherstorm allows Xayah to escape situations that other ADCs might not survive. While it also serves as an escape ability, it primarily gives Xayah the agency to root the entire enemy team with a good burst of damage through a cheeky usage of her E - Bladecaller.

You can also play other champions like Lucian, Ashe, Jhin, Sivir, and Miss Fortune against Jinx.

You can read about Jinx’s origin story, how she got her magical powers, her height, and age, and also about her role and fantasy in the hit TV series Arcane here. If you are looking to buy Jinx skins in League of Legends, you can check out the Five Best Jinx Skins in League of Legends (2023).

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