Riot Games gives an update about its replay system for Valorant


When Is Valorant Getting Its Replay System? Riot Games Updates Players

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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If there's one thing that all Valorant players have been wanting unanimously, it has to be the in-game replay system.
Recently, Riot Games gave an update about the replay system and here's its status.

Riot Games' first-person hero shooter Valorant released in 2020 and in these four years, it has introduced new maps, agents, and even game modes for players to enjoy. However, if there is one system lacking in the game, that players have been dying to get, it is the replay system that would allow players to watch their epic moments without having to install third-party applications. If you are one of those who are eagerly awaiting this system, this development is not all good news.

During the recently-concluded Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 event, Executive producer Anna Donlon confirmed that there still is not a timeframe for the replay system. Here's what she said.

Valorant's Replay System: An Update

An in-game replay system is something the Valorant community has been wanting and anticipating ever since the game was released. This would allow players to VOD-review previous matches and understand the gameplay better instead of manually recording every game.

Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon stated that there is no confirmed or finalized timeline for Valorant's replay system. However, she did say that the team was working on this technology and is looking forward to adding it to the game. Players can hope to hear more news about the replay system over the new year, said Donlon.

Donlon said, "I’m going to be super honest, it is way more complicated to implement into Valorant than we wanted it to be. A lot of that has to do with optimizations that we made in the game before we even launched the game. Now that we’re trying to dig into the systems and get that replay system online, it is really complicated.

However, the positive side of this development is that Riot Games is still committed to getting this system introduced in Valorant as it tries to iron out the wrinkles behind-the-scenes.

It was in January 2023 that Riot Games confirmed that the Valorant replay system was in the making. This excited the players who have been wanting to re-watch their games ever since Valorant's launch. Notably, Riot Games' flagship title League of Legends has a fully functional replay system built into the client that allows players to download and re-watch their gameplay and make adjustments to their playstyles.

However, in Valorant, players usually resort to using third-party applications and external programs to record and watch their clips.

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