Valorant Agent Clove: Abilities, Gameplay, Release Date, Gender, Nationality


Valorant Agent Clove: Abilities, Gameplay, Release Date, Gender, Nationality

The color scheme is definitely on point.

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Clove was finally revealed by Valorant during the grand finals of VCT Masters Madrid 2024 on 24 March, Sunday.
Clove is the first non-binary Agent to arrive in Valorant and hails from Scotland.
Clove has an interesting ultimate ability that allows the resurrection after dying.

The latest Valorant Agent to arrive in the game, Clove, has finally been revealed and the community is excited to try out this brand new non-binary Controller who has an obsession with butterflies and a sick color scheme.

Clove is the 25th Valorant Agent, yes that one character is still missing, hailing from Scotland, a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

A certified troublemaker, Clove is a mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death. Even from beyond the grave, this young immortal keeps foes guessing, catching them by surprise ever so often.

Everything You Need to Know About New Valorant Agent Clove

Valorant released complete details about Clove on 24th March 2024, Sunday, right before the VCT Masters Madrid 2024: Grand Finals which took place between Sentinels and Gen.G Esports in front of a live audience at Madrid Arena.

All details related to Clove are not out and here is everything you need to know about this aggressive Controller who will soon be available in Valorant.

Clove: Release Date

Valorant has officially announced that Clove will be arriving in Valorant on 26th March 2024, Tuesday as part of the ongoing Episode 8 Act 2.

  • APAC: 26th March 2024 | 14:00 PT

  • Brazil: 26th March 2024 | 18:00 BST

  • Europe: 26th March 2024 | 23:00 CET

  • Japan: 27th March 2024 | 6:00 JST

  • India: 27th March 2024 | 2:30 IST

Clove: Gender and Nationality

Clove is the first non-binary Agent to arrive in Valorant who goes by they/them/their pronouns.

"When creating an Agent, we strive to authentically represent a cast of diverse characters that reflect our global player base. This extends beyond just location and culture - Clove’s gender identity, along with their personality and unique gameplay style, is an equally important facet that has helped shape who they are as a VALORANT Agent," says John Goscicki, Agents Lead Valorant, in a press release about Clove.

Clove hails from Scotland which can be identified in their overall design including kit, voice, pronunciation, music, art, and more.

Clove: All Abilities

The four abilities that Clove possesses are as follows,

  • Meddle (Q)

  • Ruse (E)

  • Pick Me Up (C)

  • Not Dead Yet (X) - Ultimate

Pick Me Up (C) | 1 Charge

  • This ability can be triggered after Clove damages or kills an enemy player, to instantly absorb their life force, gaining Haste and Health.

  • In case Clove's health is already full, an overheal effect takes place which stays around for about six seconds.

  • A purple hue appears on the edges of the screen when this ability is active t indicate that the effect is active.

Clove Valorant: Pick Me Up

Ruse (E) | 2 Charges

  • When this ability is equipped Clove can view the battlefield on a mini-map to a certain degree.

Clove Valorant: Ruse Ability
  • Clove can select up to two locations by pressing the Fire Button (Left Click) followed by Alt-Fire (Right Click) to deploy two smokes at the selected areas.

Clove Valorant: Ruse Ability
  • The unique part about this ability is that Clove can use it even after dying, providing crucial assistance to the team.

Clove Valorant: Ruse Ability

Meddle (Q) | 1 Charge

  • Clove eqiups a fragment of immortal essence which can be thrown by pressing the Fire Button (Left Click).

  • This fragment explodes after a slight delay to temporarily effect enemies caught inside with Decay debuff.

Clove Valorant: Meddle Ability

Not Dead Yet (X) | Ultimate Cost 7 Charges

  • This ability can be used by Clove after dying to resurrect itself.

  • Once the ability is ready for use, every time Clove dies a timer appears on the screen during which the ultimate needs to be used.

  • Upon being used, Clove goes into an ethereal form for a very short duration during which players can reposition the character.

  • After this Clove comes back to life for a limited duration, a kill or a damage assist will ensure that Clove comes back to life permanently otherwise it will die once the time runs out.

Clove Valorant: Not Dead Yet Ability

Clove: Gameplay and Trailer

Valorant released both an official gameplay video and trailer for Clove on 24th March 2024, Sunday.

The gameplay video showcases the abilities discussed above but a first time viewer might not be able to grasp the finer details about what is going on.

Even the trailer is quite bizarre but artistically pleasing as Clove comes in clutch to save a pincered Gekko and Chamber who seem to be under heavy fire.

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