When is the Axie Infinity: Origin Release Date


When is the Axie Infinity: Origin Release Date

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The Axie Origin update is set to be released sometime within the first quarter of 2022, as revealed by Sky Mavis.
The update will include three free starter Axies for all players.
The update will be serve as a testing phase and will only be made available for PC players.

The Axie Infinity: Origin (also known as Battles V3) is set to be released sometime within the first quarter (Q1) of 2022. This was revealed by Sky Mavis, the developer behind the popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game. While the exact release date for the Origin update is yet to be determined, the devs have unveiled some in-game content that players can expect to see in the upcoming release. The update is said to include a new user interface, new in-game mechanics, and free starter Axies for players who want to try the game before investing in NFT Axies. The update will roll out for PC players first with plans for the release of a mobile version in the foreseeable future.

Axie Infinity: Origin to be released for PC

The upcoming major update will soft launch for Alpha testing. During this time, the developers will be refining the game until it is ready for a formal release for both PC and mobile platforms. While the Origin update is set to be released sometime at the end of March, the update may be delayed similar to some earlier releases such as the Land Gameplay update. Fans will have to wait for the Axie Infinity: Origin’s exact release date to be announced by Sky Mavis.

According to a blog post by Sky Mavis, players won’t be able to earn SLP or AXS during the Origin update Alpha testing. All progress and resources earned during the Alpha testing phase will be reset when the update officially releases globally.

Origin update battle mechanics preview.

The upcoming Axie Infinity Origin update shall require player feedback to make the necessary changes and the developers are eager for the feedback as that shall help the developers polish the game before its official release.

The Origin update will provide three free starter Axies for all players. More starter Axies can be acquired by progressing through the Player versus Enemy (PvE) Adventure Mode. However, these Axies cannot be used to earn SLP.

The developers also promised that the Axie Infinity: Origin update will receive more updates in the future which shall include more cosmetics, NFT runes, and charms. These in-game mechanics will require SLPs and Moonshards to craft which will also serve as the “SLP burning” mechanism of the game.

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