Preseason 2023 For League Of Legends is set to begin in a few days.


When Does Preseason 2023 For League Of Legends Start?

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League Of Legends Preseason 2023 will bring a number of quality-of-life changes to the game.
This includes an updated ping system and jungle changes aimed at making the role less intimidating for new players.

League of Legends Season 12 is soon coming to a close as Riot winds down with a last couple of patches. Preseason 2023 will help ease players into all the new season has to offer while giving the developer the opportunity to test out new features before they make it into the ranked games. The preseason is set to bring a number of quality-of-life changes to make the game more accessible to newer players. League preseason 2023 will also include a number of jungle changes. While the game received a major item overhaul last time, season 13 is expected to see jungling made more intuitive for newer players and improvements to the in-game communication with an expanded ping system.

League of Legends preseason 2023 start date

The League preseason is officially set to begin on 16th November with the release of patch 12.22, just a few days from today. As is the norm, preseason 2023 is expected to last for three months in which time Riot will fix and fine tune the proposed changes. Players can use this opportunity to get a feel of the jungle changes, figure out the improved ping system and adjust to the Exp and Gold changes before getting into ranked.

As season 12 comes to a close, players who ranked gold and above can expect their ranked rewards, including the Victorious Sejuani skin to be credited to their account. This season Riot will also be giving out the Three Honors Malzahar reward skin to players who reach Honor level 5 by the end of the season regardless of what rank you achieve.

Preseason 2023 changes

The update will bring an updated ping wheel to League, aimed at improving communication in-game. Riot is also adding objective voting to improve teamwork along with ward timers, jungle leash indicators and recommended jungle paths and item builds. The Preseason will also see the addition of Jungle Pets and a change to the Smite system with ‘Avatar Smites’. Season 13 is expected to begin sometime in January 2023.

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