Riot Games announced the end-of-the-season ranked rewards for Season 12 of League of Legends.


League of Legends Season 12: 2022 Season Recap & End, Rank Reset Explained

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Season 12 of League of Legends was a rollercoaster ride and players were introduced to a plethora of changes.
Five new champions were released this season along with various UI changes, a new Challenges system, and Mythic Essence.
Here’s everything you need to know about Season 12’s end, rank reset, and rewards for players.

Earlier last month in October, Riot Games talked about the end-of-the-season rewards to motivate players to climb up the ranked ladder. Any player who places Gold and above in the League of Legends ranked system is guaranteed to get their hands on the prestigious Victorious Skins. After the season ends, players can expect the rewards to be distributed within four weeks. Therefore, their rewards will be deposited in their respective accounts in LoL Patches 12.22 or 12.23.

Riot Games said, “It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again, the End of Season rewards announcement! All your triumph and heartbreak through the 2022 season will finally be rewarded. We’re either proud of you, or maybe next season is the one.

League of Legends Season 12 recap

League of Legends Season 12 kicked off on 7th January and Riot Games kickstarted it with the new season’s cinematic titled “The Call.” Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, the game director of League of Legends, briefly introduced the upcoming schedule for League of Legends, Wild Rift, and their respective esports scenes. Riot also teased three new champions and a new world championship for the Wild Rift esports scene.

Players were introduced to a new User Interface (UI), ranked crests, and new borders as part of the new season launch. Additionally, a new concept of “Challenges” was also rolled out. This system allows players to show off their unique achievements in-game and lets them rank up from Iron to Challenger within the Challenges.

Challenges tab in the client

As part of the introduction of new mythic content, event passes, and loot milestones, Riot Games bid adieu to gemstones and prestige points in League of Legends Season 12. In place of that, players were introduced to Mythic Essence and seasonal mythics.

Over the course of these eleven months, a total of 21 patches were released and the meta changed quite a lot this season. Players also saw a slew of new champions entering the Summoner’s Rift: Zeri, Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth, Nilah, and K’Sante.

Players lived through nightmares like Janna top and Singed mid-lane this season. However, the publisher got around to nerfing and buffing almost all relevant champions this time around (including Yuumi).

Ranked Season End and Rank Reset in League of Legends Season 12

Riot Games announced that Season 12 of League of Legends ranked will officially end on 14th November at 11.59.59 PM on the player’s local server’s time zone. Notably, the Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger seasons end 15 minutes earlier on 14th November, 11:45 p.m. local server time. This means that players just have a few more days to clock in the hours and climb through the ranked ladder to reach higher rank tiers.

New seasons in League of Legends implement a soft reset on rank and MMR. A soft reset means that a player’s rank and MMR are reset but not completely. Both will be lowered at the beginning of the season, but also the winrate is reset, allowing one to potentially start the new season with winning streaks.

The soft reset will be based on the player’s rank right before the season starts and therefore even the preseason rank matters. It is important to note that the ranks are reset entirely to “unranked.”

Ranked Crests and borders after the new visual updates in League of Legends

Season 12 Ranked Reward: Victorious Sejuani Skin

This year Riot Games decided to go with the fury of the North, Sejuani, as the Victorious skin pick. If you placed Gold or higher this season in either Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex queues you shall receive the Victorious Sejuani skin. In addition to the skin, players will also be given Victorious Sejuani chromas to each additional tier they hit above Gold in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues. Notably, players who finished Ranked placements in Solo/Duo, Flex, or both will receive an Eternals Sejuani Series 1 Permanent, a ranked profile icon for your highest rank in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues, and a ranked profile banner trim.

Just a few more days to climb out of ELO hell and get your hands on the Victorious Sejuani skin as the season countdown clock ticks away.

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