Valorant Flashback is a customized infographic featuring useful and fun stats about your Valorant journey in 2022. 


What Is Valorant Flashback? What Stats Does It Feature?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant Flashback is a customized infographic featuring useful and fun stats about your Valorant journey in 2022.
It includes core stats, agent and map-specific stats, and also compares your numbers with your in-game friends.

The New Year is right around the corner and 2023 is already bright. Just like Spotify Wrapped, Steam Replay, and Twitch Recap, Riot Games is letting Valorant players look back at their year and their in-game stats over the last 12 months via Valorant Flashback. The company noted that it would send out the year-end stats to Valorant players in the last week of December and it has kept its promise. Many players have shared their achievements and best in-game stats on social media. 

Valorant wrote on 28th December, “Alright. #VALflashback emails have gone out. QRT [Quote retweet] this with your stats from this year. We won't judge… much.

Valorant Flashback 2022: How does it work?

The Valorant Flashback is a customized infographic that features useful and fun stats about your Valorant journey in 2022. The best part about it is that it gets delivered straight to your email and you don’t have to do anything separately. 

Some of the stats you will find in your Valorant Flashback are as follows:

Core Stats:

  • Damage Dealt

  • KDA [Kills/Deaths/Assists]

  • Matches Won

You will also see how you rank against other Valorant players. 

Agent-specific stats:

  • Most-played Agent

  • Highest KDA

  • Most wins

  • Most-played role

  • Agent who killed you the most

Riot Games has also added a section called “Your Map stats” where you will see on which map you got the highest KDA and which map you’ve secured your most wins on.

Let’s be honest, we also like comparing ourselves to our friends and finding out that we have done miles better than them. To feed your ego (hopefully, your stats are not the worst in your group), Riot has also included a section where you can see how you stack up against your friends. Some of the stats you’ll see in this section are:

  • Win Rate vs friends

  • Damage vs friends

  • KDA vs friends

  • Headshot accuracy vs friends

The other two sections in Valorant Flashback 2022 are as follows:

Your Frag Stats:

  • Kills with guns

  • Kills with abilities

  • Kills with melee

Your Flex Stats:

  • Aces

  • First bloods

  • First blood victim

  • Clutches

Lastly, you can also see your personal progress and compare your damage, wins, and KDA to 2021.

While Riot Games noted that it has sent out all the Valorant Flashbacks, one Twitter user asked if they could still opt in for one or if it was too late. Riot assured them that it was not too late.

However, even if it is too late this year, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below to get your stats on-time next year. Here’s how you opt-in for the email:

If it is already checked and you have not received your Valorant Flashback yet, please check your spam folder. Additionally, you can type ‘Valorant’ in your email search box and find the email to make sure that it did not get buried in the bunch.

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