Overwatch 2 has brought in new features for the scoreboard for players to better analyze the gameplay.


What Does MIT Refer to in Overwatch 2?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Overwatch 2 has brought in new features for the scoreboard for players to better analyze the gameplay.
MIT is one such abbreviation you will notice on the scoreboard upon pressing tab.

Overwatch 2, the successor of Blizzard Entertainment’s original FPS game, has a bunch of new features and offers exciting gameplay. The new season includes a plethora of terms and strategic things that players need to understand to go one step further in the game. Notably, Overwatch 2 allows players to swap heroes in the middle of a game and adapt strategies according to the state of the ongoing game. Blizzard has introduced many changes to the scoreboard of Overwatch 2, allowing players to take a closer look at eliminations, deaths, damage dealt, and healing.

When a player presses and holds Tab during a match, they can access the player information on both teams fully. This includes the heroes selected along with all their stats displayed. Notably, Overwatch only allowed players to see their own in-game stats and the ultimate levels of their teammates earlier. So in theory, the changes to the scoreboard have been welcomed with open hands by the Overwatch community.

Abbreviations in the scoreboard of Overwatch 2

The scoreboard feature in Overwatch 2 uses a number of abbreviations. While some of them are straightforward and easy to understand and follow, a few might be confusing to decipher. The number of eliminations a player has is represented by the letter “E,” assists with “A,” and deaths are represented with “D.” Likewise, “DMG” is damage dealt, and “H” stands for healing in-game. One of the trickiest and most confusing abbreviations one might spot on the scoreboard is “MIT.”

MIT on the scoreboard in Overwatch 2 represents “damage mitigated.” This is quite similar to the damage blocked metric from the original title but here MIT instead of just counting damage that hits a shield also includes damage that is blocked by abilities or other factors. For example, physical barriers found on heroes like Zarya and Reinhardt, and Orisa's Fortify play a big role in mitigating damage.

As a tank, it is important to keep tabs on this because the more damage you can mitigate, the more hits your teammates can take before they go down. Tank players will have big numbers on this MIT metric but that does not mean other heroes will lag behind. The MIT stat can also benefit heroes who rely on avoiding damage or blocking it. Heroes like Tracer will find usage for this stat and understand better ways to play the character.

A good tank combined with a healer can easily push the team composition forward and pick up the victory for the squad.

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