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What Country Is New Valorant Agent Iso From?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Iso was revealed as the newest Valorant agent on 19th October by Riot Games.
Here's all we know about the agent's country of origin and other details.

Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person hero shooter Valorant was released in 2020. In these three years, Valorant has expanded leaps and bounds. The game constantly adds new agents and maps for players to choose between. 

At the time of launch Valorant had only 11 starting agents and only five of the agents were available to play immediately. Currently, there are 22 agents with another new duelist joining the ever-expanding roster by the end of October 2023. This new agent is Iso.

Notably, all of the Valorant agents have a unique story to tell with Riot Games adding dedicated lore to them, giving them stand-out personalities. Hailing from different countries and with remarkable stories to tell, all the Valorant agents are specialists in their own way.

With Iso on his way to join Valorant, fans are curious about his country of origin. Here's all we know about Iso so far!

What Is Iso's Country of Origin?

Valorant Agent 24 Iso is all set to make his debut in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 on 31st October with a new patch. He is a duelist who is a "bulletproof assassin." Riot revealed the agent and his abilities officially on 19th October.

Earlier, Riot Games' in 'State of the Agents' update revealed some information about Valorant's next agent. Riot Games posted an image teaser on its latest blog about the new Agent and fans could see the Agent wearing gloves and grabbing a piece of meat using chopsticks.

The image also shows a huge platter of hot, sizzling food with meat and other delicacies. According to food connoisseurs in the Valorant community, it is a Sichuan or Chongqing hot pot, which is reportedly a dish with a spicy broth made op chilly oil. The name was titled “duckblood.

From this image and other hints, Valorant players speculated that the agent could be from China, Singapore, or some other country with Chinese influence.

However, Riot Games confirmed that Iso hails from China on its official social media handles. This is part of the celebrations for Valorant's launch in China this year.

Riot Games wrote, "Storytime's over. Iso, VALORANT’s newest Duelist Agent from China, joins us in Episode 7: Act III."

Riot Games, this year, invested a lot for its official launch in China, both for casual players and pros.

Riot Games releasing a Chinese agent seems logical. The company likely wants to dive deeper into the Chinese esports market further by releasing an agent who represents the region.

Notably, Iso is the second agent from China, following Valorant's resident healer and Sentinel agent Sage.

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