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What Are Strike Packs in Apex Legends?

Abhimannu Das
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Strike packs are controversial attachments for controllers that can offer gameplay advantages in games like Apex Legends.
They can be very hard to detect via anti-cheats and are problematic for both PCs and consoles.
Strike packs are bannable in Apex Legends and players should not use them.

Apex Legends has a massive controller versus M&K (mouse and keyboard) debate that has been going on for years. A lot of pro players are shifting to controller input as it is regarded to be the superior input method of choice due to aim assist offering an advantage in close-range combat. But with the rise of controller usage, there are strike packs that are also being used by many players and a lot of PC players have no clue what they are. Strike packs are essentially “hardware cheats” that allow you to get extra buttons on your controller and also allow external programs to modify your recoil. They are used to cheat in games and are almost undetectable. 

Why strike packs are problematic

It is very difficult to detect strike packs and developers will not only have to invest resources in preventing PC cheats but they will also have to address such issues on console. Cheats ruin the competitive integrity of both casual gaming and esports, and the availability of these cheats can negatively impact future esports titles. There have been multiple incidents of players cheating in esports with ReFleck's use of cheats against Team Dignitas being one of the more recent examples.

Consoles have maintained the reputation of being safer than PCs when it comes to cheaters, but with the rise of these new-age cheats, things might change. Strike packs offer automatic recoil control, custom aim assist, and other exploits that offer a competitive advantage to players.

While it is possible to detect strike packs, it is difficult to implement security measures that allow games to do so. If you feel that someone is cheating in Apex Legends, you should report them immediately. 

  1. While in a match, bring up the in-game menu (Tab on PC, Options on PS4, Menu on Xbox One).

  2. Open the Squad tab.

  3. Select the warning symbol (“!” inside a triangle) under the player you want to report.

  4. Choose which category you’d like to report:

    • Cheating

    • Gameplay disruption

    • Harassment/threats

    • Inappropriate content

  5. Choose the subcategory from the drop-down menu.

  6. Click Report.

Over time, anti-cheat programs should get better at detecting strike packs but cheats also evolve continuously and it can be difficult to keep them in check forever.

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