The most exclusive currency in Overwatch 2 is Competitive Points (CP).


What Are Competitive Points in Overwatch 2 & How to Unlock More?

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The most exclusive currency in Overwatch 2 is Competitive Points (CP).
They can only be used to buy golden weapons.

Overwatch 2 has successfully grown past its turbulent couple of weeks after its launch on 4th October and has impressed the player base with its noticeable changes. Players are slowly getting accustomed to new systems in the game that help them track their progress. The biggest change in Overwatch 2 is that it is free-to-play now and it also allows players to level up the Battle Pass to unlock cosmetics and new heroes. 

This sequel to Blizzard’s First Person Shooter has four different types of currency which are used to buy different types of cosmetics in the game. The most exclusive currency is Competitive Points (CP), which can be used only to unlock golden weapons. Apart from this, players can also use Overwatch Coins, Legacy Credits, and Overwatch League Tokens.

Competitive Points in Overwatch 2 explained

Competitive Points in Overwatch 2 are earned by playing and winning competitive matches and players will receive the most points for a win, fewer for a drawn match, and none for a loss. Notably, the higher the rank of the player, the more points they get for wins. In a game, if you spot a player with a golden gun, you can be sure that they have been playing the game for a long time. 

You will earn 15 competitive points per win and five for every game that ends up in a draw. Winning competitive mode does not just help you climb through the ranked ladder and tiers, but will also help you gain more Competitive Points.

There are two ways to earn Competitive Points in Overwatch 2:

  • Winning or drawing matches in Competitive Play

  • Finish a Ranked Season in at least Bronze Tier

Notably, at the end of each competitive season, you will receive bonus competitive points and the number of points you receive will change depending on your rank. The following are the per-tier bonus Competitive Points you will receive:

  • Bronze: 65 CP

  • Silver: 125 CP

  • Gold: 250 CP

  • Platinum: 500 CP

  • Diamond: 750 CP

  • Master: 1,200 CP

  • Grandmaster: 1,750 CP

You will be able to buy golden weapons with competitive points you’ve earned through the season in Overwatch 2. These weapons are unique and are a golden variant of the gun skin equipped. Additionally, this golden decal applies to any physical objects used with abilities in a hero’s kit. For example, Ana’s sleep dart, Kiriko’s healing ofuda papers, and more.

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