Voice Chat in Rocket League is currently disabled. 


Voice Chat in Rocket League: What You Need To Know

Nutan Lele
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Voice Chat in Rocket League was live till v2.04.
Psyonix has said it would bring the feature back in a new and improved form in the next few months.

Voice chat is important in almost all team-based games. Whether it is to sync abilities, for callouts and generally for smoother coordination during a match. For a competitive game like Rocket League, communication with teammates is essential to win games. Although Rocket League has a voice chat feature in the game, developer Psyonix has temporarily disabled the feature in v2.04 in September 2021. Psyonix felt that the feature was “not up to modern standards, making it difficult to use in a fast-paced game environment.” It is unclear when voice chat in Rocket League is coming back so till then, here is what you can do to communicate with your teammates.

How do I communicate without voice chat in Rocket League?

There are several ways to use voice chat on PC. If you are on Steam, you can simply create a group chat with friends and call them during the match. If you’re using Epic Games Store, there is a similar option. A good third-party app to use to substitute voice chat in Rocket League is Discord. Simply create a group DM or hop on to a server and invite your team to join you. Hoping on a public server is a great way to communicate with your team if you want to avoid adding them to your friend list.

If you’re using a PlayStation, you can use the console’s Party System to talk to your team. To do this, you’ll need to add everyone in your party as a friend before getting into the match. For Xbox players, you can use the Xbox Online Network to create a party and chat with your teammates.

Psyonix had said in 2021 that the developer is working on bringing an improved, more comprehensive voice chat system to Rocket League. Players can expect the voice chat to come back to the game in early 2022. While the exact date is currently unknown, Psyonix said it would keep the players updated.

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