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What is Rule 1 in Rocket League?

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Rule 1 in Rocket League is an unwritten rule that must never be broken unless you want your teammates to throw your game.
It is widely accepted that in Rocket League, you should never break a “lock" which is a situation where two cards are stuck on each other.
The rule is not officially enforced by Rocket League but it is taken very seriously by the Rocket League community.

Rule 1 is an unwritten rule in Rocket League that the community loves to follow even it is at the expense of a match. As a beginner, it is not something that you are expected to know but most veterans know the unwritten rule would follow it no matter what. These rules are just for laughs but many players in the community take the two rules very seriously.

What is Rule 1 in Rocket League?

It is widely accepted that in Rocket League, you should never break a “lock.” When two players drive at each other and it causes the two cars to get stuck or locked together, it is known as a “lock.” While there is no official rule on the matter, the community abides by this unwritten rule and in some cases, you will even notice teams scoring own goals if a teammate breaks a lock.

If you are in a lock, you can keep pressing the right thumbstick to ensure you do not get kicked for inactivity as you may be stuck for quite some time. So, when can you break Rule 1? It is okay to break Rule 1 if it happens organically. If other players knock into you or the other knocked player and break the lock, it is completely fine. Even then, there is some debate on whether teammates should be allowed to intentionally break locks. Players argue that locks can be broken only through natural play and anything else is essentially heresy in the unwritten rules of Rocket League.

Is Rule 1 officially enforced in Rocket League?

Rule 1’s existence is officially acknowledged by publisher Psyonix, but it’s not something that is officially enforced. Even in the Rocket League Championship Series we have seen pro players abide by Rule 1 so it is recommended to not get on your teammates’ bad side else they might score a couple own goals if you break the rule.

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