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Valorant Intergrade Bundle Leaked: Rumored Skins, Price, Release Date & More

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New leaks suggest that players might be getting a new Valorant bundle called the Intergrade bundle very soon.
As usual, the Valorant Intergrade bundle is rumored to have four weapons and a melee.
Here's all we know about the Valorant Intergrade bundle.

It has been only a couple of weeks since the release of Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 and Riot Games has already pushed out two patches since then. Notably, on 19th September, the publisher released Valorant patch 7.06 and the biggest change in this patch happens to be the criteria or the minimum rank requirements to queue up in competitive queue with your friends.

In this patch, Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and higher to their competitive party. If you are sad that you can no longer play with your ranked buddy, there might be some good news in another form for you.

Riot Games is reportedly introducing a new bundle called the Intergrade bundle, according to the many leaks. The leaks also suggest that this bundle will soon appear in the in-game stores of players once the Imperium bundle takes leave.

Here's all we know about the Valorant Intergrade bundle.

Valorant Intergrade Bundle: All We Know So Far

With most patch updates, Riot Games usually treats the player base to a new cosmetic line and it seems like the pattern is likely to continue with Valorant patch 7.06. The Valorant community's prominent leakers are back at it again as several reports have suggested an addition of a new skin bundle called the Intergrade bundle.

According to leaker ValorLeaks on Twitter, the Intergrade bundle is "select tier" and will not contain any upgrades or variants to individual weapons. This bundle will reportedly not feature Phantom or Vandal, but will go with the humble Spectre.

While Riot Games has not announced not confirmed the Intergrade bundle or its release officially, as per the leaked image posted by VALORANTLeaksEN, the skinline will be available in the Valorant store on 21st September once the Imperium bundle leaves the store.

Here are the weapons featured in it:

  1. Intergrade Classic

  2. Intergrade Spectre

  3. Intergrade Guardian

  4. Intergrade Operator

  5. Intergrade Melee

Since it will reportedly be a Select tier collection with no upgrades or variants to the weapon base skins, players can get their hands on this bundle for a cheaper rate compared to other premium skins in the game.

Valorant Intergrade Bundle Price

As per the leaks, the Intergrade bundle will be available in the Valorant store for purchase for 3500 Valorant Points (VP), which will set you back approximately $40 USD.

Notably, players can buy each individual skin for 875 VP, while the melee weapon will alone cost 1750 VP. On top this, players can expect to see a Gun Buddy and a Player Card along with the collection as they as usual accessory additions while buying a bundle.

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