Champions Vandal finisher has a unique Brimstone animation


Valorant Brimstone Animation: How to Trigger it in Champions Vandal?

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Champions Vandal skin was released as part of the Champions bundle in 2021 ahead of Valorant esports first World Championship.
The gun, despite being pretty straightforward, has a cool finisher where players can trigger a Brimstone animation.

At the end of 2021, Riot Games released a limited-edition bundle in Valorant to celebrate the game’s first-ever World championship with a Vandal skin, featuring a unique Brimstone animation as part of the finisher. The bundle titled Valorant Champions 2021 included the Champions Vandal skin, player cards based on the “Die for You” music video, the Champion title, and the Valorant Karambit melee weapon. Riot also stated that 50% of the revenue from the Champions Bundle would be split equally between all teams that qualified for Valorant Champions.

In the 20 days the bundle was made available in the store, it reportedly generated $18.7M USD in revenue and it was equally split into $585K USD each for the sixteen teams that participated in the tournament.

Riot had also proudly announced that the Champions Vandal was its most ambitious cosmetic, boasting a unique “Champions Aura” that causes the gun to glow when scoring a kill or when the player top-frags in the match. Additionally, the Champions Vandal skin also came with an exclusive finisher featuring the Champions anthem and players can also trigger the Brimstone animation from the Die For You music video in the finisher.

Valorant Champions Vandal

How to trigger Brimstone animation in the Champions Vandal finisher?

The Champions Vandal skin is pretty standard, and it does not have any color variants. Notably, it does not come with unique reload or equip animations, either. However, when it is upgraded to Level 2, the skin will make the muzzle flash. When you inspect the gun, the “Die For You” music will play just like the Spectrum skin.

Unlocking Level 3 on the Champions Vandal will allow the players to enjoy the finisher where it plays a part of the anthem and a golden logo will appear over the player’s body who was killed last. Players can also trigger a second animation in the finisher featuring a giant Brimstone animation in the sky.

Follow the following steps to trigger the Brimstone animation:

  1. Unlock the Level 3 finisher before going into the game and secure the last kill with the Champions Vandal skin.

  2. In the finisher, a black sphere will appear on top of the body with a large Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) symbol sending electric bolts within the sphere with the Die For You Music playing.

  3. Inspect the gun and the Champions logo will glow to the beat of the song.

  4. Move into the dark sphere while inspecting and looking up.

  5. The sky will turn red and you will see a giant Brimstone holding the weight on his shoulders just like in the music video.

Die For You is the first-ever official theme song in Valorant esports, produced in the same vein as the Worlds hype song. The music video features agents including Brimstone, Sage, Phoenix, and Chamber and was produced by EDM artist Grabbitz.

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