Unique Ability Interactions for New Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga


Unique Ability Interactions for New Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga

Which one did you know about in advance?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Details about Mauga were released by Overwatch 2 during the recently concluded BlizzCon 2023.
Mauga is the next upcoming tank hero from Samoa who brandishes two chainguns that work in tandem with each other.
Here are some of the most unique ability interactions with Mauga's weapons, abilities, and ultimate.

A new Tank Hero called Mauga is about to join the ever-growing Overwatch 2 roster in Season 8 on 5th December. The dual chaingun-wielding giant from Samoa was revealed during BlizzCon 2023 and released for a limited time in the game for all players to try out from 3rd to 5th November.

While most were busy playing with Mauga, stacking up on all that damage he can shell out with his beastly weapons, a few intellectuals were busy testing and decoding him.

Here are some of the most interesting interactions between the abilities of existing heroes with that of Mauga's and an explanation of how they will play out in the game.

Interesting Ability Interactions With Upcoming Overwatch 2 Tank Mauga

Before talking about the ability interactions, take a quick look at Mauga's kit which will help everyone better understand what the character has to offer and how he works.


Incendiary Chaingun (Left Click) and Volatile Chaingun (Right Click)

  • Both are automatic weapons held by Mauga, the former igniting enemies on fire after repeated impacts and the latter deals critical damage to burning enemies.

  • This chaingun held by Mauga in his left hand is called Gunny while the one in his right hand is called Cha-Cha.



  • Mauga charges forward and stomps to throw enemies in the air. During this phase he becomes unstoppable

Cardiac Overdrive

  • Nearby allies take reduced damage and heal by dealing damage.


Cage Fight

  • Deploy a barrier that traps yourself with your enemies, preventing damage and heal from outside to have an effect, while gaining unlimited ammo



  • Gain temporary health upon dealing critical damage.

Mauga: Weapon Interactions

Ashe - Dynamite

  • If an enemy is burning due to Ashe's Dynamite then Mauga can fire at them with his right chaingun to deliver critical damage.

Mauga Weapons

Mauga: Overrun Ability Interactions

Reinhardt - Charge

If both Mauga and Reinhardt are charging toward each other then Reinhardt will be at a disadvantage as his ability will be instantly cancelled upon impact between the two.

Orisa - Fortify

When this ability is used Orisa becomes unstoppable which is the same effect that applies to Mauga when using Overrun.

In this battle between an unstoppable force and an immovable object, both of them win as contact with Orisa is like colliding with a wall for Mauga.

None of the abilities get cancelled and Mauga either stops after the duration of his ability or simply bounces away to continue on his path.

Sombra - Hack

It is one of the only abilities that can disrupt Mauga in his Overrun. He simply stops in his path if hacked successfully, the ability gets canceled, and it goes into cooldown

Mauga Ability: Overrun

Mauga: Cardiac Overdrive Ability Interactions

Ana - Biotic Grenade

If an ally Anna strikes Mauga with Biotic Grenade and he uses Cardiac Overdrive, then the healing effect will be boosted for him.

Mauga Ability: Cardiac Overdrive

Mauga: Cage Fight Ultimate Interactions

Doomfist - Hero

As the area covered by the ultimate prevents the use of any movement-based abilities Doomfist is rendered useless as he is only able to use Hand Cannon, Power Block, and Melee.

Orisa - Fortify

Due to the hero getting an unstoppable effect after using this ability, Orisa can simply walk out of the ultimate barrier without any fuss.

Sombra - EMP

If an EMP is discharged after getting trapped in Mauga's ultimate then the barrier instantly goes away and the ability is nullified due to the hero getting hacked.

Symmetra - Teleporter

This is probably the most straightforward way to escape Mauga's ultimate and is a direct counter to it. The whole team can use it to get out or get in to hunt the tank down.

Lifeweaver - Life Grip

While the hero cannot escape the ultimate when trapped inside of it, the Life Grip ability can be helpful in extracting an ally from the barrier if Lifeweaver is not caught in it.

Mauga Ultimate Ability: Cage Fight

These are some of the most interesting and unique ability interactions that have been noticed with or against Mauga till now. With the hero officially releasing on 5th December more such fantastic finds are bound to surface and we will keep all of you informed either by expaning this list or thorugh a new article.

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