The Best SMGs You Need to Use in COD Modern Warfare 3 Season 2


The Best SMGs You Need to Use in COD Modern Warfare 3 Season 2

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Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 brought numerous meta changes by buffing and nerfing numerous weapons from its massive arsenal.
Keeping in mind these adjustments, this guide will provide you with 3 of the best Submachine Guns along with their attachments.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s Season 2 update brings numerous features, including the return of fan-favorite maps, game modes, new operators, missions, schematics, and more. Alongside these additions, the devs have also made significant changes to the meta, with several weapons having undergone buffs and nerfs to ensure a balanced gameplay experience. However, keeping track of these adjustments might feel overwhelming for returning players, particularly when it comes to choosing the right weapons to fit the current meta. Worry not, as we’ll delve into the top SMGs you need to use to dominate Season 2.

Top Tier SMGs You Need to Use in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2

Striker 9

The Striker 9 was already considered a potent SMG that only lacked more damage medium-range stats. However, the season 2 update significantly buffed this weapon by increasing its bullet velocity and damage range, along with decreasing gun kick and improving recoil control. Additionally, players can now aim down sight while sliding, which allows for a fast-paced run and gun gameplay.

Although these enhancements slot the Striker 9 right into the current meta, this weapon can further be improved using certain attachments, like the Striker Elite Long Barrel, Sakin ZX Grip, ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider, XTEN Phantom- 5 Handstop, and an optic of your choice to make it a deadly weapon at both close and mid-range fights.


RAM- 9

The new RAM-9 is essentially a more compact version of the RAM-7 Assault Rifle, suitable for close-range combat. This weapon encompasses all the traditional characteristics of an SMG such as its staggering fire rates and lesser restrictions on mobility, with the lower damage rates as part of balancing it. However, many veterans consider this weapon to be broken due to its insanely low Time to Kill (TTK) if you land headshots. This weapon can be improved further, using the following attachments:

  • L4R Flash Hider Muzzle

  • FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip 

  • Hunker-5 Stock Pad

  • FT Polycomb

  • 40-round Mag

These attachments will help you reduce recoil and improve your fire rates without compromising on mobility, which makes you a formidable threat that enemies need to watch out for, especially in shorter maps or close-range areas.


HRM- 9

While the other two SMGs on this list are aimed at close-range combat, the HRM-9 makes a unique case for itself, thanks to being surprisingly good at medium-range gunfights. However, like all submachine guns, you still have to deal with quite a bit of recoil, which is where the following attachments come in handy:

  • Sonic Suppressor S Muzzle

  • Princeps Long Barrel

  • Folding Stock

  • 40-round mag

  • PCS-90 Assault Grip

These attachments help reduce idle aim sway and firing aim stability while also enhancing bullet velocity and range, allowing players to hold their own in mid-range fights against ARs.

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