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TFT Mid-Set 9.5 Horizonbound Ixtal Trait: Elemental Hexes & Bonuses Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The second half of TFT Set Nine (9.5) is called Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound.
Ixtal is one of the two new vertical traits introduced in TFT 9.5 Horizonbound.

The mid-set or Set 9.5 is called Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound and Riot Games has been posting details about this update since 21st August. Ixtal is one of the two new vertical traits introduced in TFT 9.5 Horizonbound with the other one being Bilgewater.

Riot Games introduced Ixtal trait, "With Ixtal, we're seeing a Rise of the Elements: each game, different elemental hexes empower units on them in unique ways."

Here's all we know about Ixtal so far in TFT Set 9.5 Horizonbound and the elemental hexes.

Ixtal Elemental Hexes Explained

Riot Games said, "Ixtal brings the rise of the elements into Horizonbound. Ixtal units create different elemental hexes each game that empower units standing on them."

The breakpoints for the Ixtal vertical trait are 2/3/4. The Ixtal units are as follows:

  • Milio: Tier 1 Invoker

  • Qiyana: Tier 2 Rogue, Slayer

  • Neeko: Tier 3 Bastion

The more Ixtal breakpoints a player unlocks, they will get access more elemental hexes. However, at the final trait breakpoint, instead of a third hex, you will unlock a bonus effect for the active hexes.

Riot Games made it clear that elemental hexes shall appear in the same position and host the same element for each player in the lobby. The element will be the same no matter how many hexes are active.

Here are all the Elemental hexes for the Ixtal trait and their bonus effects:

1. Stone: Empowered champions become immune to crowd control effects and reduce incoming damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

Bonus Effect: Empowered champions heal 550 on takedown.

2. Ice: The first time each empowered champion is reduced below 30% HP, they will get covered by a protective ice layer and will become untargetable. They will also heal for 30% of their max health over two seconds.

Bonus Effect: After getting frozen, adjacent enemies take 30% of their max health as magic damage.

3. Electric: The first time an enemy takes damage from each empowered champion's ability, they are stunned for two seconds.

Bonus Effect: Empowered champions can stun each enemy once every 6 seconds instead.

4. Wood: The champions who are empowered by the Wood hexes gain 10% max health. At the start of combat, they also gain 20 permanent max health and also grow in size.

Bonus Effect: Every four seconds, the empowered champions gain 15 Ability Power (AP) and 15% Attack Damage (AD).

5. Fire: Damage received from an empowered champion's ability sets enemies ablaze, dealing 45% of ability damage dealt as magic damage and burning them for 1% of their max HP each second, over three seconds.

Bonus Effect: Fires deal 90% of Ability damage dealt and 2% Burn instead.

6. Wind: The empowered champions gain 40% Attack Speed for four seconds at the start of combat and every time they use their ability.

Bonus Effect: Bonus Attack Speed stacks and lasts until the end of combat.

Riot Games also noted that the Ixtal trait changed drastically in the final week before it hit PBE and that is why the devs were unable to show Wind on the PBE. Players have also been told to expect the specific numbers to change heavily for this trait as Riot Games is going to continue testing it.

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